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Jared Veldheer Tests Positive for Covid19 - Contact Tracing Cleared

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Here's the story



Veldheer tested positive for COVID-19, a source told ESPN's Field Yates. But the good news for the top-seeded Packers as they prepare for Saturday's NFC divisional-round playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams is that the standard contact tracing investigation did not deem any other players as close contacts, a source told ESPN.

The next step is to wait out each day of daily COVID tests before the Packers' playoff opener to make sure there are no more positive tests. Veldheer was signed off the Indianapolis Colts' practice squad on Monday and practiced with the team on Tuesday. He did not practice on Wednesday. He had been in the testing program with the Colts, which is why he was able to join the Packers on the field immediately.


Just gotta hope the next 2 days of testing go well

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43 minutes ago, Arthur Penske said:

I do not like the he was likely in the same room with other players ( mask and socially distanced or not) and practicing with them too while presumably being positive. 

That said, Dillon and Barnes did the same thing and didn’t infect anyone else so hopefully that’s the case this time around too



All about protocol! If protocol was followed we should be in good shape. Distancing and mask are part of that protocol, among other things we probably are not aware of. 

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1 hour ago, YaddaHolla said:

If we followed protocol we should be okay.  We haven’t been hit hard by COVID for a reason. we’re doing a good job following protocol and this is just bad luck for Jared. 

Also already dealt with 2 positive tests this season with AJ Dillon and Krys Barnes and neither time did it lead to an outbreak within the locker room.

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