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Browns sign S John Johnson

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You guys just signed the best safety in the NFL and didn't even have to make him paid in the top 5. 

I'm not happy that we signed Floyd - I would have kept JJ. He called our defense last year. Ugh.

Can't say how great of a signing this is for the Browns.

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1 hour ago, FGK said:

You use FA to fill holes. You use the draft to get cost controlled studs who allow you to build strategically in FA, get comp picks from letting guys walk, and lock up the cornerstone guys with extensions.

I'm gonna predict we walk into the draft with the board wide open. Allows us to take BPA (at a position where they have a shot at seeing the field) rather than being shoe horned into a specific position or player.

This is precisely why I think one the following guys at each position are still in play: 

KJ Wright, LB / BJ Goodson, LB / Denzel Perryman, LB

Trey Hendrickson, DE  / Melvin Ingram, DE / Takk McKinley, DE

K'Waun Williams, CB / Brian Poole, CB 


I think we still might bring back Ogunjobi & Higgins if they're cool with a 1-year deal a couple days into FA. 


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14 minutes ago, Bonanza23 said:

We’re back 😎


Not surprised, especially considering word was he was looking for $14 million annually. I'm loving the signing.

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26 minutes ago, bruceb said:

Great signing by all accounts.

Can't help but believe it's in part a hedge against Delphin being slow to come back, assimilate.

Then ya can’t help but think wrong.  The scheme Woods wants to run is a heavy Nickel base with 3 starting safeties.  If Delpit comes back and is good and all 3 safeties are healthy we are going to have a much more exotic and versatile pack end.  Very hard to deal with.

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