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2022 NBA Draft Thread


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6 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

Chet looks like he is moving in slow motion but he is still effective.  Being that long he just covers a lot of ground with each stride but it sure does look funny.  He definitely hasn't bulked up any.  

Can't wait to watch some of these guys playing against real competition soon. 

He plays at Gonzaga so we won't get to see that often, lol.

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2 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

Well same with some Duren/Bates but there will be slightly better competition than the school of the blinds that these teams play in exhibition games. 

Gonzaga does have games scheduled against UCLA, Duke, Alabama, and Texas. But their conference is terrible. The AAC isn't great but it's competitive other than Memphis/Houston, there are 3 other schools in Wichita State, SMU, and Cincinnati that will be NCAA tournament level teams. 

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25 minutes ago, seminoles1 said:

I see a lot of Cade Cunningham-esque tough shots he made because he couldn't get himself free.

Emoni is 17 years old, Cade was 19 years old at Oklahoma State last season. Emoni's body needs to develop but he's also two years younger then Cade was playing college basketball. 

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