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2022 NBA Draft Thread


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I love Timme, as I do all post technicians, but if Happ couldn’t even get a shot in the NBA what gives Timme hope? Being on a several great teams? They’re incredibly similar IMO. 6’10, 235ish. Virtually unguardable 1v1 in post. High IQ. Good not great athletes (neither explosive but both have quick feet). Only thing Timme has going for him is an acceptable FT% and a good looking stroke, which gives you hope he could maybe develop a 3 (while Happ went backwards, becoming worse at FTs every year).

Garza went 52nd even with a great 3 pt shot. 

I hope he gets a shot. I think he’d find a role and be a + player (as I did with Happ), but I question if he gets it without demonstrating 3 at college level.

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40 minutes ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Garza went 52nd even with a great 3 pt shot.

i have literally no feelings at all either way towards timme as a prospect but if you want to know what garza almost went undrafted you should watch him try to defend a butler/bam pick and roll from earlier tonight

timme moves way better than that. he probably still can’t guard nba bigs but still

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