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Why do some 16-0/15-1 teams go one and done in playoffs?


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Because your record doesn't protect you from losing a single game at any point. 

BTW, there has only been one team in NFL history that has lost their initial game after winning 15. The 2011 Packers. So it's a small sample size within the premise of the question itself. 

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22 hours ago, LieutenantGains said:

Uhhh, only the 2011 Packers have?

Maybe this question should have included 14-2 teams also.


2005 Colts

2006 Chargers

2010 Patriots

2019 Ravens

All amazing teams and was shocked they lost their first playoff game.

To be fair, if not for our idiot kicker we’d have tied that game and won in OT. 

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