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Post Game Thoughts. Browns.


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Klint Kubiak isn't offensive coordinator material. His play calling is too predictable. 

We need to use the passing game to set up the run, which has been common observation through Zimmer's tenure.

Cook is much better than Mattison.

The defense was great. The Browns got some runs off the sides, but the D adjusted well. I think we miss Barr here.

Dantzler is better than Breeland.


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Kirk Cousins is not the problem. Refs and a talented Browns defense gave the Vikings fits. I'm willing to say unlucky with the refs calls (although they seem to be consistently leaning against the Vikings) but eventually they will have to dig themselves out of this hole they are digging at 1-3.

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Hope Darrisaw gets in there. Bradbury needs to be replaced if we’re going to have a mainly pocket passer. In today’s league you just can’t have so much pressure up the middle all the time. 

Refs awful. 

Dantzler great. 

Think we need to start utilizing big nickel or something to help stop the run. Too bad we don’t have Jayron to play that role. 

We’ve got some pieces. Just need a few more players to step up. 

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1-3 sucks. And close games that don’t go your way make it hurt even more. But this is a solid football team. 

The defense is starting to put things together. And the offense, by and large, has been very effective.

3-3 is still very possible before the bye week, and I think many had predicted that mark before the season began. 

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