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Week 10 GDT: Saints @ Titans


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Now it gets interesting. We go back to being the favorites. We’ve thrived in the underdog role the past 4 weeks. Now we’ll be the favorites against a solid saints team. Sure they’re QB is Trevor Siemian but they still have a good OL, good defense, and Kamara. Plus Payton is one of the best coaches in the league. Pressure Siemian into mistakes because I feel it’s going to be another tough day on offense against their defense.

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another tough game. the saints don't have the same hype around them as our last few opponents obviously but siemian or no siemian, they'll be a tough out. we badly need someone other than hart at LT whether that's lamm or (preferably) lewan, because otherwise it'll be another rough day at the office for the offense.

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If the Titans D can keep playing like it has been, it should be good enough to harass Simeon and or Hill

My worry is the Titans could look sluggish from the traveling back to Nashville on a red eye 

Would be nice for Evans Fulton and Lewan to play to give us fresher bodies 

Titans should win 

Will need to contain Kamara

Saints D has some good players 

Tannehill needs to protect the ball and stop the early INTs

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