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AFC Divisional GDT: (2) Chiefs vs (3) Bills


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I've got no predictions on this one. We came out so flat against Pittsburgh, but also flipped it so quickly a la the Houston game in 2019. Buffalo was so dominant against New England, and I'm torn between thinking that's just the start of them going on a tear of a superbowl run, and worrying that they got too honed in on revenge against the Pats that they'll have a flat follow up to it. I'm legit open to any result on this one. A blowout either way. A Chiefs/Rams style shootout. Both offenses being a little off and it being a surprisingly defensive game. It all seems plausible to me.

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Wonder how many times we’ll hear “The real AFC Championship game” this week regarding this game.

It’s hard to pick against the Chiefs at home but the Bills looks like a well oiled machine right now. I think I lean KC but it truly feels like a coin toss. Should be a great one.


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2 hours ago, WheatieMan said:

It’s amazing the NFL puts the coldest games in prime time for ratings. I’m convinced a fan will get drunk and freeze to death in one of these WC or divisional games in the future. KC won’t be that bad but GB could be brutal.

Can’t be any worse than what i sat through Saturday night.

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