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Roster Sheet



We used to do this at a differnt forum and site and it was a colossal hit.  Am thinking about bringing it here. Basically you throw every NFL player into a draft pool and see who can build the best team.  Salaries are not taken into account

It is not overly time consuming to own a team, but the draft does take a while to complete.   

Here are the rules we used to have (we hardly ever used the veto process but it was just to stop collusion)

The fourth installation of the Current Mock Draft is on for! Refer to this post for rules. This thread will serve as the discussion thread as well. Please read this entire post before asking any questions.

-If you would like to designate a co-owner you may do so. This person will have all the rights and responsibilities as the original owner. Whatever is posted in pick or trade threads will be valid and there will be no second chances on “mistake” picks, this applies to all owners. If you pick a player there is no turning back, even if the next person has not selected.

-The draft order will be determined similar to last year: Lukic picked out of a hat topless.

-The draft will begin  The Monday after the Super Bowl and conclude at 12am (Midnight) EST. It will continue on this schedule every day until the conclusion of the draft. If you are on the clock or have been skipped you can make your pick, you may draft a player overnight in these scenarios as well.

-We will draft for 33 Rounds snake style, with the exception that the 3rd round will be reversed. i.e. The team with the 32nd overall pick will pick first in the 3rd round. The 1st overall pick will pick last in round 3 and the snake will continue with the 1st overall picking 1st in round 4.

-Draft eligible players must have been on a team's 53-man gameday roster, practice squad, or IR at some point during the 2021 season*. Retired players are not eligible. If you choose a player and he retires during the draft or evaluations he becomes ineligible and you will awarded an OTC pick. There must be an official retirement statement from the player or NFL Team, speculative media reports do not count.

*Players that are currently indefinitely suspended by the league are not eligible. Players that are currently indefinitely suspended but have a set reinstatement date (exceeding reinstatement eligibility) are eligible if their reinstatement date is prior to or during the 2022 Season and should be evaluated as such.

-Aside from the 11 starters on Off and Def and the  there will be 10 extra roster spots. These must be designated as 5 offensive and 5 defensive bench positions and 1 player may be designated as either.

-Time on the clock will be as follows:
-Rounds 1 – 4: Two hours on the clock
-Rounds 5 – 33: One hour on the clock
-You will have the opportunity to submit a Big Board if you feel you will not be online when you will be on the clock. List who you would like to draft in order and pm it to someone you trust. Specify if the BB is good for a specified # of rounds or until the players run out. Also please specify if you don’t want to take players at the same position. If BBs are not specified in this manner, they will be assumed to mean they are good until they run out and not to pick the same position more than once.

-There will be many people online to help, just ask and try to choose someone who is not picking around the same slot as you. If you agree to take a big board, don’t commit to representing someone’s BB unless you know you can be online.

-You can choose not to submit a BB and state that you want to be skipped when you are up and you will not be subject to on the clock infractions. Post here if you want to do this:

will insert link later

This will be a blanket statement that applies to each pick until you rescind it. You will be given a 10 minute window so people can check if you are online. If your turn is skipped, you can draft a player for the skipped pick at any point after that. This might help to speed things up when people who refuse to submit a BB are not around during their turn. You always have the right to turn it off.

-On the clock infractions:
Rounds 1 – 4: 1 missed pick = Max one hour OTC for the remainder of the draft
2 missed picks = Potential forfeit of your team/Zero time OTC until Round 5
Rounds 5 – 32: Infractions from Rounds 1 - 4 will be counted cumulatively

1 missed pick (with no other infractions) = 45 mins/pick for 5 rounds
2 missed picks = 30 mins/pick for 10 rounds
3 missed picks = 15 mins/pick for the remainder
4 missed picks = 5 mins/pick for the remainder
5 missed picks = Potential forfeit of your team/Zero Time OTC
-You can beg to have your time OTC reinstated, but there’s no guarantee you will be

-Trades are allowed for picks and players, but must be of equal amounts. You can’t trade one player for 5 picks – everyone must have 33 players at the end of the draft. If you don’t, too bad. If you have too many, the player(s) picked after your first 33 players will be ineligible from your team and put back into the player pool.

-All trades must be posted in the dedicated trade thread by both parties. It is the trading parties’ responsibility to make sure that the Master List is updated. Sancho will be in charge of the Master. If you trade, please be sure to check to see the list has been updated and notify Sanchez or me if its not. This can get mega-complicated, let’s be sure we stay on top of it.

-Submit all trades in this thread: will post later

-Trades will not be subject to veto unless a member of the Veto Committee deems it necessary. A trade veto committee member can stop the draft and initiate a veto vote if they think there's a valid concern that a trade threatens the competitive balance of the CMD.
-All CMD participants may voice concern over trades, but only VC members may initiate a vote.
-The first 9 members of the Veto Committee to vote on a vetoed trade will determine the trade’s validity. 5 votes will be needed for a veto to allow or disallow a trade.
-No VC member may vote on their own disputed trades.
-If after one hour 9 members have not voted, the alternates may vote to get resolution.
-If after 2 hours a resolution has not been achieved, any CMD participants online may vote.
-Alternates may also initiate a Veto.

The Veto Committee is comprised of:


-We will do a voting evaluation to determine the best team in each division, followed by wild card voting and playoffs.
- Injury and performance history should be taken into account when evaluating for the voting sim.
-We are drafting the players as they are in their current state and expected performance during the 2022 NFL Season along with regards to injuries/suspensions.
-Co-owners may vote only in matchups that do not involve their team. Voting by owner/co-owners where each is allowed to vote should be conducted individually without collusion to influence secondary results.

-Picks need to be announced in the dedicated pick thread. If you don’t announce your pick here, it didn’t happen. Please don’t post anything other than a pick in the pick thread. It would be helpful to everyone to announce picks in the main discussion thread as well.

-Please post all picks in this thread -will be added later

-Please don’t discuss undrafted players by name or use the ****** ****** = Peyton Manning method.
-First day you can't have more than two infractions, but after that every name that's dropped is an individual infraction. If more than one name drop happens in a single post, the post cannot count more than 2 infractions.
-Videos posted with undrafted players, whether as primary subject or in the background, counts as an infraction. One video = one infraction no matter how many undrafted players appear. Still, probably best not to post videos.
-Naming Names Infractions - Your next pick will be moved back accordingly:
5 infractions - No penalty
6th - 10 picks
7th - 20 picks
8th - 40 picks
9th - 70 picks
10th - 100 picks
11th or more - potential loss of team 100 picks
-There will not be a grace period. Infractions start when the draft starts. There will be a dedicated thread for tattling, please link the offending post (Copy/paste upper right hand post number link location into infractions thread).

-There will be dedicated threads to show picked players organized by round (The Master List). If you feel you can help keep track, please let me know. If we have 3 or 4 people keeping track and copy pasting off each other when we’re not online, it should be up to date at all times. Please don’t post anything other than these lists in these threads.

-This will probably take around a month depending on participation, so make sure you can commit.

-Any and all suggestions and comments are welcome, we need everyone to pitch in to make this work.

-If you ever have any questions refer to this post before asking. If its not addressed here, we can make a decision as a group. I will be linking all relevant threads at the top of this post.

Teams and Owners

1.  bcb

2.  Rack

3.  Ragnarok

4.  Whicker

5.  redGold

6.  Scoundrel

7.  WWhickok

8.  Trojan 

9.  Mountainpd 

10.  Jonnguy

11. Linderfournette 


13.  Blue

14.  Lukic

15.  Tyronnesaurus

16.  Freebirdsrams

17.  MikeT14

18  ovfd55

19.  Slappy mc

20.  WhodatOL 

21   DTMW78

22.  Forge 

23. Malf 

24.  Matts 

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1 hour ago, Trojan said:

I am not sure what the proposal is. Is it like 33 rounds of Madden franchise fantasy mode, then draft the draft and run it back with the rosters in future years? Is it just a redraft of the NFL and 2022 only?

Cliff notes:  its basically a madden draft We vote on who we think built the best squad for the 2022 season.  Then next year, everyone goes back into the pool and we do it for the following season.  Obviously there's no carryover and you can just try one year, and if you don't like it, don't do it next year

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1 hour ago, bcb1213 said:

Cliff notes:  its basically a madden draft We vote on who we think built the best squad for the 2022 season.  Then next year, everyone goes back into the pool and we do it for the following season.  Obviously there's no carryover and you can just try one year, and if you don't like it, don't do it next year

Is the draft draft part of it, or just a NFL redraft?

If both I'd be willing to try it

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1 hour ago, Trojan said:

Is the draft draft part of it, or just a NFL redraft?

If both I'd be willing to try it

No we don't include rookies as it's harder to project them for the upcoming season (we tried including them once and it was an argument filled disaster) 

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