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Around the NFL - 2022 edition


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7 minutes ago, Forge said:

Seattle looks good.

They do, but i think its partially due to week 1 always being weird, and being amped up to play Wilson. 

They'll likely come down to earth sooner or later.

Also, Broncos are our week 3 opponent. I forget we play them so early 

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21 minutes ago, 49ersfan said:

Broncos D has 3 former niners on it...DJ Jones, K'Waun Williams and Jonas Griffith. So far none of them have stood out tonight

Thought the Broncos defense would be better than this. Besides Surtain, who's their best defensive player?

Id say the safeties.. Jackson is 34 years old now though. Nobody in that front 7 is very inspiring 

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Just now, Forge said:

The condescension and arrogance Rodgers exudes with that quick look at the sideline and that little head tilt is amazing

Yeah, the petulant attitude really is something else. Rodgers very clearly believes he is being cost things that he deserves. And I get it, he's an all time great and that's a big play missed. But if you wanna be the guy, sometimes you have to be a leader and try to handle the situation constructively, even if for purely self-interested reasons. These are the guys that you are playing with and getting the most of out of them emotionally is the best for you, too. 

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