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2023 NBA Draft Discussion Thread


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1 hour ago, General Tso said:

Nothing has changed in their FO to make me think they can properly assess where the franchise is, i.e. I don't think they're trading Dame.

He's probably going to have to force his way out and I'm not sure if he will do that. I think clearly he prefers on trading the pick for a proven star. Which star can be had for the #3 pick that is going to turn this team into a championship caliber team? Does he think he can win it all with someone like say, KAT? The TWolves may make KAT available and a package around the #3 pick may entice them. Though they will probably want to trade KAT for a proven star so they can take the next step. I don't know, but the Blazers are in a bit of a tough spot if they plan on continuing to build around Lillard. 

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16 hours ago, seminoles1 said:

Wemby on the Spurs...that's a fantastic fit if they can get a real PG. Have a great two-way wing duo (if Vassell can stay healthy) and multiple other young players who can fit into important roles.

Just gotta get that PG. Tre Jones is...fine, but not good enough. That PG isn't available this year in free agency.

I agree. They should take Scoot instead....

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1 hour ago, CWood21 said:

I mean, Houston has pick(s) to offer.

Charlotte has plenty of picks (5 in this draft alone.) and developing guys like Bouknight, Kai Jones, JT Thor that are going to struggle to find any minutes with a healthy roster.    We need to start adding veteran wing talent and/or another PF.    

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3 hours ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Henderson with Ball would be interesting and not the easiest of fits to make it work....but possible. I think Miller is probably what they go with and the Hornets are missing a legitimate wing player.


I'm okay if they ultimately settle on Miller.    Unlimited range and a good fit with Melo for sure.   We desperately need a good scoring wing even with the fn asshat Miles Bridges coming back and Hayward for one more season.     I think Miller settles in as a Mikal Bridges in Brooklyn type player and I'll take average D w a 26.1 4.5 2.7 statline


I actually think Henderson and Ball will fit as well.   They are already running with Terry Rozier and LaMelo Ball and Scoot is (or will be) a vastly superior player to Rozier.   TR has averaged 16, 16.4 and 18.9 shots per game over the last three years so it's not like Scoot would be limited in opportunities on ball.   Ja Morant and Shai Gilgeous have proven you don't need to be a sharpshooter from deep to be an All-NBA level guard

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24 minutes ago, BetterCallSaul said:

People think Brandon Miller sucks?

He's a 6'8 wing with 3 point range & the size/athleticism to match up with the superstar wings in the league. I absolutely see why he is getting top 3 buzz.

They are basing that on his bad ncaa tournament performance. He is still a really good prospect.

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