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Rationally I just don't see the Cowboys winning this week.  Without Lee that defense is all over the place and that Eagles offense is flying.  If we do drop some games we are going to have to give some thought to resting  or shutting down guys who are hurt like Smith.

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It would figure. Just when the league is at its all time lowest, the best players NOT named Brady are all injured or suspended, the Iggles are riding high. Christ just give them the parade already and lets move on.

I'm so sick of hearing about how GREAT they are when they beat all ish teams except for Carolina. And don't give me Denver, they went against a QB that hasn't played in two years. Real threat there.

I know they whooped up on us, but we DID beat the only team that beat them, so I guess that means something.

Anyway, kudos to them for right place right time. I just hate living near Philly (moved to NJ a year ago) and hearing all their bull-ish.

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