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Week 17 Thread: Win + GB Loss + DET loss + SEA loss and we clinch THIS week.


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We're still in the driver seat folks. We can still make the playoffs. Let's do it.

Season Leaders

Receiving Yards




Team Stats

cle.png&scale=crop&cquality=40&location= wsh.png&scale=crop&cquality=40&location=
Points Per Game 21.5 19.0
Points Allowed Per Game 22.9 20.9
Total Yards 368.1 355.1
Yards Passing 220.7 231.4
Yards Rushing 147.3 123.7
Yards Allowed 348.3 330.0
Pass Yards Allowed 213.9


Rush Yards Allowed 134.3


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17 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

I think they lose if Wentz starts. I know fans are thinking they will score more but I think he's just going to throw picks and get sacked a lot. 

This is the opposite of how I feel. I think the offensive line blocks well and we run the ball efficiently. I think we run away with this one 34-10.

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I was going to start a "Playoff scenario's" the remainder 2 games for us, but I'll put them here.

If we beat the Browns & Cowboys?

We're in!

If we beat the Browns, but lose to the Cowboys? (And Lions, Packers & Seahawks all lose this week 17) ?

We're in!

If we beat the Browns (and Giants, Lions, Packers & Seahawks all lose this week 17)?

We're not only in, but we could also get the 6th seed, if we beat the Cowboys & Giants lost to Philly in the season finale.

If we beat the Browns & any of the Lions, Seahawks, or Packers we're to win this week?

Well then, we'll either need to beat Dallas to get in or if lose get some help, thus no longer controlling our own destiny.

The Lions/Packers is a mess. Because they play each other in the season finale.

So one of them is gonna win in that week 18 game.( Unless tie)

There are many more scenarios for us to get in, if we lose to the Browns. But I'll wait till if that scenario comes up if need be.

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1 more thing I want to add.

There's really only 1 scenario you don't want to see, if we lose the Browns.

And that's Green Bay & Detroit both winning this week 17.

Cause I believe that would all but eliminate us from Playoff contention, since they play each other in Week 18.

Now if they were to tie? That opens up a whole can a worms if we were to beat Dallas & Giants lost to Philly & Colts.

Giants, Commanders, Packers & Lions would all be 8-8-1. Lol

Add Seattle to mix if they had a tie in any of the last 2 games.

That would just be ridiculous. A 5-way tie.


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The weather looks remarkably good for Sunday, which to me means Heinicke’s magic may somehow be continuing a bit longer. If it was going to be typical January weather, there’s just no way you can send TH back out there. But with a bad CLE run defense and balmy 55° weather, they actually could probably get away with it for one more week. 

But I think they’ll go with Wentz. I think they feel hamstrung by TH’s limitations, just as they did last year. I don’t think Wentz is any magic bullet, but *in theory* he allows you to do more in the way of plays like Samuel scored on Saturday. TH’s throws generally get there a tick (or more) late, and often relatively inaccurately, which eliminates much opportunity for YAC — guys are getting hit immediately or just going down upon catching the ball. One of the underrated things about a stronger arm is that it can give the receiver an extra moment to make a guy miss in space and get off to the races.

I don’t relish the idea of Wentz with Garrett hunting him. Could be a disaster. The safer play is probably just to stick with TH. But I do still hold out some hope that letting a veteran QB sit and watch and learn for 10 weeks without having to go out and play can be hugely beneficial in terms of executing the offense. 

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16 minutes ago, offbyone said:

Just please don't make this a get right game for Watson; that would really rub me the wrong way.  We need to put pressure on Watson.  Hopefully Turner has a stroke of genius game plan.  Press coverage seems appropriate.  We knead to win this one.


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I see Wentz getting the start, but he’s inconsistent as he usually is. He has some good plays, but a few awful ones as well.

Wentz goes 20/30, 250 yds & 1 TD w/ 1 int & 1 fumble.

Sadly as @offbyone eluded to “that we don’t make this a get right game for Watson,” I see that happening. I also think that the combination of Leno & Logan Thomas struggle to contain Myles Garrett.

I hate to say this but I see us losing our 3rd game in a row & our 4th game w/o a win bc of our Tie. 

I see Watson going 65%, 250 yds & 2 TDs vs our D. Chub gets one rushing TD. 

CLE: 27

WASH: 20

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I think it comes down to the health of Kam Curl and BSJ. More Kam than BSJ but need both of them. Kam is so much better than people give him credit for, due to his lack of takeaways this year, but that guy is an absolute stud. I think if he plays we win this game. Replacing David Mayo with Kam Curl is a HUGE difference. I told people last week (not on this site) that if Kam doesn't play we are going to be so screwed because David Mayo is by far the worst linebacker that gets to play in the NFL, and Shanahan will get Kittle lined up on him and will torch him, my nightmares came true. There's a reason that we have the #1 defense against TE's in the league, well did until last week. Njoku will look like an all pro if Kam doesn't play. 

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If the Giants can't beat the Colts at home they don't deserve to get into the playoffs.

If the Commanders can't beat the Browns at home they don't deserve to get into the playoffs.

So lets keep it simple and win to see which of our teams will be defeating the Vikings in three weeks.

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