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Eagles re-sign CB James Bradberry (3 years, $38M, $20M gtd)


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2 minutes ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

This is surprising. There was talk that the Eagles could pivot to him if they couldn’t get something done with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, but I wasn’t really expecting him back. 

He agreed to let the eagles try to match any offer he received, so I’m not terribly surprised myself. 

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1 minute ago, Forge said:

Corner market seems kind of soft, tbh. 

Might be like this for a couple years. JC Jackson and Carlton Davis didn’t really blow the roof off the market last offseason. Some of these quality guys are getting older. 

Probably going to take a premier CB coming off his rookie contract + draft pedigree to get things off the ground, closer to the elite DT/lower end WR market. 

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Take it and run like a thief in the night! 

I am curious or was did Howie grant Slay the ability to shop for a trade if he doesn't restructure hoping to get JB back. If he did resign, restructure or we are shipping you out to purgatory? 

Either way, best case is having this duo back in 2023. Wet dream coming if CGJ says, lets run it back as well on a cheaper deal. 🙏

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