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The issue that is Chandler Jones; Arrested and RELEASED (Page 27)

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22 minutes ago, reddevil said:

Surely hacked…. Right? He has always come across as highly professional and considered. Very out of character if true

He reposted a positive take on the Raiders, confusing. 

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Just because he @‘d Alcon Smith and Antonio Brown doesn’t mean he’s crazy.  The point he was trying to make was when there’s a issue with a team and player it’s typical for the team to craft a narrative that slanders the player.

Jones isn’t a millennial child, he’s a 30+ year old millionaire and professional.  I don’t understand why you’d ever post a beef on social media.  That’s so cringe and childish to me.  The only reason acceptable to do that is if you had slanderous information spread about you and you wanted to reach out directly to the general public.

All that said…. Why does JMD have issues with sooooo many players.  Also, why the heck did JMD or Zeigler call his child’s mother?  It’s unlikely she’s his emergency contact?  That seems like a highly inappropriate action imo.  This wasn’t all about the team gym being locked and him not having access to it.  Something else happened.  The guy went into work with Tom Ford sunglasses as a gift to his coach and within about an hour ended up wanting to be traded.  While I disagree with him going on social media with it Jones isn’t a troublemaker and is a highly respected around the league, veteran player with little to no history of having issues. 

Just another example of JMD and Co. creating a toxic relationship with players.


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