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Week 11 SNF GDT : MIN @DEN


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The Vikings got a bit more conservative on our TD drive, but were running a similar scheme from earlier for the most part. Our way of taking advantage of the wide open middle was slipping Perine out of the backfield past the guard on a couple of occasions.   Don't know if that would have been sustainable, but it worked.  

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Love to see the fight in this team and I’ll take the win. But that said, it’s hard to imagine having any real long term success with this formula. We can’t always count on our defense to generate 3-5 turnovers while we kick field goals all day. A lot of the last 3 games reminds me of our 2015 season except this defense is nowhere close to the level that those guys were. I realize what his numbers say on paper.. but if Russ is really so limited that you’ve literally removed entire sections of the field from your playbook, then why the hell is he still the quarterback? 

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42 minutes ago, Cutler06 said:

Turnovers won that game

and some select plays on our part lost it.

the INT we should have had that instead resulted in 3 points for you...
your fumble late in the game we didn't recover...
heck, how about our fumble early in the game where there was a helmet to chin hit...?

but a win's a win, and many of ours have been on the flukey side too.

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19 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

I’ll say it again, Russ had 35 pass attempts, was sacked twice and ran twice, while Williams, Perine and McLaughlin combined for  13 carries in a game where we were never down by more than one possession. With Russ as limited as he is a Sutton our only true receiving threat, that has to change. 

@MontanaBronco pointed out the problem. Lot's of film on Russ now and he's not able to take advantage of open WR's in the mid-deep range. DC's know it.  Teams are gettin' pretty frisky on crowding the LOS. If Russ can't make them pay for it they'll keep doing it. 

Perfect example was Sutton's TD. The ball should have been thrown on the break and it's an easy TD. Anyway, Russ is playing well, he just can't take advantage of this offense.

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