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Hip-Drop Tackles - Illegal next year?


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I know after TNF with Mark Andrews, and other injuries this year, that the league's putting this on the docket.

The problem is that it's basically saying you can only tackle from the waist down on a ball carrier who's not going down right away.  And if you somehow hit them at the knees, that's a penalty too.   I understand it's gruesome when it happens (Jordan Travis looked like a bad one, although I think there was leg whipping too - that part should be illegal for sure).  

It's tough, because I see some plays where the tackler looks to be targeting dropping on the legs, and others where it's a just a high tackle and the tackler is just going down.   The former is what the league is trying to abolish, but the latter is going to make pretty much high tackles from behind tough to execute, and that's going to lead to just way more scoring & O.   Then again, as a player prop bettor, I'm all for the latter.   But this is one potential rule change where the league's unintended consequences are going to go way past player safety IMO.


Mark Andrews:



Jordan Travis:




What say you all?

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I bet it will be with how the NFL reacts to safety. However if it does that will be a awful lot of tackling rules in place.

Cant grab a player by the inside of his pads or facemask, can't hit a player high regardless if it's a shoulder/helmet, can't hit QBs below their waist, can't land on top of a QB, can't peel back block, can't make contact with a WR after 5 yards, can't hit a defenseless player unless they establish control of the ball make a football move and shake your hand first, can't hit a player engaged with a blocker and can't wrap up a ball callier around the waist and drop your weight.

So we are running down a path of unless you perfectly form tackle, it's a flag.

Note: I agree with a lot of these tackle rules for safety, just pointing them out--however some just feel like over corrections and are actually dilute the game IMO. Like the 'you hit this player too hard, it's a flag' rule and the 'you can't put your weight on a QB after sacking him' rule.

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40 minutes ago, D82 said:

At this point just put flags on them. That's basically what they're wanting at the rate they're going.

I can just see it, in 10 years the tackling rules will be - Can't hit high, can't hit below the knees, can't drag down from behind.

Smooth brain fans, "Look how superior these QBs are to Brady and Manning, teams all average 30 points per game! Stats dont lie!"

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19 hours ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

I’d never even heard the term “hip drop tackle” before the Andrews injury. Such a standard tackle in my eyes. Unfortunately it is a dangerous sport, any given play there is injury risk. I don’t see how you can outlaw a “hip drop tackle” without DRASTICALLY handicapping defenses.

Exactly. This was never a term that was in the football landscape until about 5 minutes ago. It's a tackle, end of story. 

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