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Texans new uniforms leaked... by Owner on reddit?


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36 minutes ago, BetterCallSaul said:

I think they look good. I always liked Houston's unis. This change is subtle, but it didn't need to be flashy. The new ones seem like a good idea in theory, but then they come out and look...bleh on the field. Subtle changes are good.

Perhaps the biggest "change" is that the blue will no longer be the home primary color (presumably red). Or at least that's what was rumored in the Texans' forum some weeks ago.

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30 minutes ago, El Ramster said:

Cross between TN and the Falcons but I think they’re fire. Nice and clean. 

Not seeing the Falcons similarity, and no team deserves that comparison anyway. Trash unis. 

Bring back these scary *** unis.




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Another one of these "new" clean and simple look uniforms that looks...unfinished.  There's an art to clean and classic, and most teams that try lately...just are not hitting it.


Also that number font is hideous.  At least, on the #3 there.  It looks like it was drawn by a dyslexic, then put through some sort of strange mirror box contraption to get it right side up and the right way around.  And looks terrible as a result.

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