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Football is back! Preseason Week 2 GDT. Here come the Bills.


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Here we go. Will we see the kid with the ones? Will the receiving core show something? Can the line protect?


The future? The present? 



Do the Jets have their own Drew Stanton?





Will Sam end his holdout and just sign already?





Have these haunted eyes seen too much?

It's week two tonight! Here we go!!!

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Tebow?? LOL

Had inside pressure all night... handled it very well with poise sometimes.. other times when the pocket was in his lap not so much... WR weren't getting open...

Was crisp... but that Jets offense is going to struggle and struggle mightily...

Hopefully... this will cause organization to realize it makes no sense to throw him out there with deficient OL and skill talent... let McCown take one for the team again... become QB coach next year... and let Darnold thrive in better conditions...


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21 hours ago, brooks1957 said:

My point was why is this in the Browns forum? I thought you were talking about our wk 2 game. Obviously I was wrong - again.

Since no one was talking about our week 2 preseason game, there was no thread for it a mere day away from the game and the Mayfield thread was more Darnold talk, I figured that you people were wanting to move on from a Browns pre-season thread. I'm a team guy and just want you people to be happy, even if it means you seeking out a guy with smaller hands who still gets balls batted down at the line of scrimmage.

So any thoughts on Cajuste? He's trying hard to make the team.

And please be mindful of your usage of spaced single hyphens. @Mind Character might catch on. It could be a real mess.

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