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5 hours ago, NewAge said:

I am surprised no one has mentioned Pedroia yet. 

Cano and Utley better in his generation and I don't know that you can separate him overrall from Kinsler. The are pretty similar.

4 second baseman from 1 generation seems like a lot to me.

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2 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

Anyone mentioned Dusty yet as a manager? Does he have a shot?


1838 wins and counting for a roughly 53% win percentage, 3x manager of the year, 1 NL pennant, 

Absolutely has to have a ring in my opinion. Maybe two, but I Think one opens the door for discussion. The thing that he has working for him, as if I remember right, everyone loves him personally. Given that things like that can play a big role in an election, it's not something that is easily overlooked. On the downside, he has a certain reputation that is hard to overlook, and his flaws as a manager have grown more and more visible through the years with the shifting of analyses which more and more of the younger HOF voters are probably going to weigh heavier. 

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5 hours ago, JammerHammer21 said:

Robbie going in as a Yankee or a Mariner? He'll have spent an extra year with the Mariners, but he came up with the Yankees and won a WS with them.

Doubt he goes as a Mariner.

May never make the playoffs here, and the last 3-4 years probably won't be pretty. 

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