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🦅🤠 NFC East 🤷‍♂️🆘 | Celebrating the Cowboys' 27 Years of Sadness


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NFZ bro, you’re not getting it. We don’t care who we play. If we had beaten Blake Bortles instead of Brady 5 years ago, we wouldn’t have cared. If the Chiefs win and Mahomes snaps his leg on the last play and we have to play Chad Henne, we don’t care. We don’t get bonus points for beating bad QB’s. Therefore… We… Don’t… Care

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1 hour ago, Scalamania said:

People complaining about the quarterback situation are ignoring the fact the Eagles front absolutely decimated the 49ers offensive line. Protect your quarterback better and that doesn’t happen - the right side of that offensive line has been a weak point all year, it’s not the Eagles fault that San Fran neglected to provided help there. 

This. It's the Eagles fault the real DPOY was able to wreak havoc and knock out 2 QB. Maybe if SF and Shanahan were smart enough to give McGlinchey help, neither would of gotten injured? 

But hey, Eagles are lucky, Cowboys still sucks 27 years and counting so all they can do is cry and hate. 

Who cares!

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8 hours ago, Nabbs4u said:

Sorry Shockwave, looks like you have to wait two more weeks in anticipation for a Eages loss only to get disappointed again. 🍺

Congrats on the W. No lie I am bitter and jealous. Even Billy Witch Doctor failed me. 😖

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10 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

Ugh. Eagles fans get another Super Bowl. IS THERE NO HAPPINESS ALLOWED IN MY LIFE!?!

The knowledge that the Daniel Snyder Era is closer to an end , then a  beginning? That should be cause for celebration? 😎

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