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Matt Dayes is available(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


🙂, ❤️ or 🍌?  

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    • Kaluka Maiava
    • Kai Nacua
    • Brady Quinn

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Does the prodigal son sludge out of the neck-deep squalor of the literal 🐖 sty that is SF


and return to his holy inheritance?


Is he the right guy at the right time?


We just had to let him go to realize how much he truly means to us?


If Dayes signs, he shall bring forth with him imminent tidings.



Do we sign him? Or another running back? Do we trade a conditional 7th for that bust RB from Tampa Bay?



Are we allowed to sign Sashimi guys once they are cut elsewhere, thus formatting the disk drive (per, @DaWg_LB., who computers)?


Also, Dorsey with Kirksey, another Sashimi-gai, next off-season:



(((Bonus))) Arya Doesey with Higgins's potential extension after this season:



Who replaces Duke?

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3 hours ago, MistaBohmbastic said:

@NudeTayne whipped out all his favorite GIFs except one

Was it Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Not familiar with films for broads.

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*dries tears from third consecutive viewing of Ya Ya Sisterhood*
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