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Bills Stadium issues will be resolved "One Way or the Other"


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He said the same thing 3 or 4 years ago.

It was also an answer to a question he was asked. Not something he went out of his way to say in a threatening way as all these click bait stories would suggest. 

With the Pegula's at the helm, the team won't be moving.

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We do need a new stadium, I think the big issue is location. New Era is in the perfect spot, and exactly where the next stadium should be built. Maybe play a season at UB? But that isn’t anywhere big enough. That is my issue.

I’ve been a season ticket holder the last couple of years, and the Pegulas sent all season ticket holders, as well as others I’m sure,  a survey asking what they think the best option would be. 

Should be interesting.

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40 minutes ago, bucsfan333 said:

There's no reason for them to move.

Toronto would be one of the 5-10 largest markets in the NFL, that's plenty reason for these owners because money is the main thing they care about. As stated by Pegula in the article about the league caring about revenue above all else.

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