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GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams



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  1. 1. Polls are....

  2. 2. Who wins

    • Browns by 3+
    • Rams by 3+
    • Baker and the boys by 7+
    • Sean McVay and the Rams by 7+
  3. 3. This week the browns

    • crap the bed
    • play better
    • Freddie improves
    • Baker looks HAWT
    • under 10 penalties
    • finally get an INT
    • Chubb takes over from Gurley best powerback in the league

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One thing that I love bout Merica is your Patriotism, your unexamined belief tat you are the best at everything, irrespective of the evidence. Id love to go to the states sing your anthem and feel the power. 

"Oh say can you see by the dawns early light..."

overcome by the power of the flag like our very own captain america, Brandon Weeden. 

Image result for brandon weeden flag GIF

Image result for brandon weeden american clothes

This leads us to the game Key match ups

1. Feeling competent vs actually being competent. 

We have talked a big game all off season, pre season and season, we need to play a big game to have a chance. Competence has been our battle for a long time. Lets be good at what we are supposed to do. 

2. Battle of the stud QBs

[Galina] I can't stop watching Goff just stare blankly at the Saints defense while he waits for McVay to figure the whole thing out for him

Baker on the other hand doesnt have a coach figuring it out for him, our offense needs to figure **** out. Oline, getting the ball to studs, putting guys in a spot to do well. 

3. Battle of the defense

Two freaks will be on the field this Monday morning middle earth time. 

Image result for myles garrett shirtless GIF

Image result for Aaron donald shirtless

Donald last years NFL DMVP, Myles is coming for it. 

lets freaking go


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1 minute ago, hornbybrown said:

Is Ward a little off his game because those concussions have knocked his confidence? Two in his first season has got to be challenging from a confidence stand point

Think it's more than lack of confidence.

Looks like he is playing tentatively so as not to get hurt.

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3 hours ago, pnies20 said:

I don’t know how much the rams are favored but I’m guessing it’s like 3.5 and rightly so. Browns need to get healthy quick and figure out the passing attack. Baker can’t hold the ball as long as he has been on some plays. 

3 point favorites as of now and taking home field into consideration they are really a TD favorite.

I think if we were 2-0 and looked decent both games it would probably be an even line. Most of our hype has died off. Which is fine, our offense hasn't gotten going yet so I wouldn't favor us either until it shows that it is a top unit. We're 15th in yards, not good enough but bottom 10 in points. 18 points per game isn't going to cut it.

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