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The Jaguars: BDN or Minshew Magic?


Minshew or Foles?  

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  1. 1. Who do you choose to be the starter?

    • Gardner Minshew II
    • Nick Foles

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So with the Bye next week looks like Doug Marrone has a decision to make about the starting QB in Jacksonville.

9th in the AFC. They're two and a half games off the division lead. Been swept by the Texans but have the Colts and Titans after the Bye.

Would you roll forward with Minshew Magic/Mania?

Or given the money paid in the off-season and if your one of those "you can't lose the starting job to injury" individuals do you re-insert Foles back into the starting line-up? After all he was the starter heading into the season. Jaguars OL play hasn't been spectacular this season and the weapons are average at best irrespective of QB.

Minshew Stats (if incorrect blame ESPN)

  • Comp %: 61.2%
  • Yds: 2,285
  • Y/A: 7.4
  • TD: 13
  • INT: 4
  • QBRate: 92.8
  • Carries: 42
  • Yds: 235
  • Fum: 3 (2 Lost)


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1 hour ago, Blackstar12 said:

Minshew worst performance came at the worst possible time. I’d be shocked if Foles doesn’t start against the Colts.


Minshew has a ton of promise long term but the FO and Doug need to win and Minshew is going to have rookie lumps ala last game.

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Minshew has 11 fumbles, not 3.

He did well when playing the Jets, Titans, Broncos, and Bengals. (4-0)

He was a joke 2x vs Houston and vs New Orleans. 

What’s a Super Bowl MVP compared to that?

People just get stupid when Foles is involved for some reason.

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I think it's gotta be Foles.  A week ago, i don't think you could've made the switch without backlash.  But coming off that London game where Minshew struggled, it opened the door to do the reasonable thing.

You turn the ship over to Foles after the bye.  If Minshew is half the QB and teammate he's cracked up to be, he'll understand and once again...take it in stride, just as he has everything else in his now infamously circuitous career.  You take a look at what this team can do with Foles at the helm...and if it sucks, you pull the plug and go back to the Moustache.  If it's not really any better and you basically get a toss-up of performance between them after a couple weeks and the team is still trending toward non-playoffs...you pull the plug and go back to taking an extended look at Minshew, while figuring out what on earth to do with Foles and his salary/dead money next year.

It's a weird case where...if you don't go back to Foles and give him his shot now...when are you ever going to?  If you don't make the change now...are you going to just close the book on Foles completely without even really seeing him play?

Plus...at the end of the day, as amazing as it's been to watch Minshew step in and play the way he has in really tough circumstances...there's still a fear there that he's just an extremely endearing form of QB purgatory.


I think reasonably...you can always go back to Minshew if Foles doesn't work out.  But if you continue to stick with Mishew when Foles is healthy...you're sealing one or the other's fate.  Either Foles never gets a shot.  Or Minshew rides until he can't no more...and stumbles to the point he's clearly not the future answer, and going to Foles at that point would be beyond awkward so you're QB desperate again.

I also think that coming off an offensive performance like that London game...the Jaguars need a spark.  They've rallied incredibly behind Minshew, but the magic may be wearing a bit thin at this point.  Foles somehow kickstarting the team again is a total hail mary, and probably won't work...but it's the best play they've got.  And if it fails?  Well hey...in rides Minshew to save the day again!  Fire up the rallying cry and the Mississippi Moustache song and the bigtime underdog theme and all the rest, all over again!

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