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On 10/9/2020 at 1:14 AM, Malfatron said:

so a forfeit counts as a win, right @Woz?

(not that it matters for me anymore)

I'm going to rule it as such:

  1. If a player has selected one of the two teams that is involved in a forfeited game BEFORE the forfeit was announced, then it will be treated as a win or loss as per usual.
    1. This means if you selected the team that forfeited, you lose and are eliminated.
    2. Likewise, if you selected the team that was forfeited to, you win and continue.
  2. Timing of forfeits:
    1. If the forfeit is announced on the day the game is to be played (with the exceptions of Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football), then the game is locked four hours before the expected start time to the hour (truncating the minutes and seconds). In other words:
      1. For the Sunday early games, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 9 AM ET.
      2. For the Sunday afternoon games, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 12 PM ET (*not* 12:15 or 12:25 PM ET)
      3. For Sunday Night Football, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 4 PM ET (*not* 4:25 PM ET)
    2. For forfeits announced on Thursday affecting Thursday Night Football affecting the game to be played that day or on Monday affecting the Monday Night Football game to be played that day, the lock times for forfeited games will be 12 PM ET. The reasoning for this is that given that there is nothing happening but that particular game and there will be more attention/investigation of those teams. Plan accordingly.
    3. For forfeits that are announced ahead of the day the game is scheduled to be played, the game will be considered locked one hour prior to the announcement of forfeit to the hour (truncating the minutes and seconds).
      1. If it is announced at 12:00 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      2. If it is announced at 12:01 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      3. If it is announced at 12:59 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      4. If it is announced at 1:00 PM ET, the lock time is 12 PM ET.
    4. For the purposes of forfeits announced ahead of the day the game is scheduled, I will use the timestamp of the first substantial reference in the NFL News forum. Reasoning:
      1. This is fair for everyone and does not require me to arbitrate between when X and Y news sources posted differing times.
      2. There's enough people who race to be the first to post news in NFL News (especially as big as something like a forfeit) that it will likely be some of the first news.
      3. A substantial reference is
        1. An official announcement from the NFL or one of the teams involved.
        2. A linked article to an accredited news source.
        3. A tweet from a national blue checkmark account (think Adam Schefter or Ian Rapaport),
        4. A tweet from a regional blue checkmark account where the account regularly covers one of the teams involved (e.g. a team's beat reporter).
      4. I reserve the right to judge whether a source that isn't covered in section 4.3 counts or not.
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On 10/9/2020 at 3:37 PM, e16bball said:

Oh you’re a fan? You should come on out for the whole festival! 

Get there early if you want to see the Kyle Allen All-Stars, they’re only slated for a brief opening act before giving way to the Alex Smith Resurrection Experience.

Not into music? Check out the comedy acts running every Sunday on the FedEx Stage. Or stop by the first-of-its-kind Groping Booth where, for the low price of a luxury suite purchase, you can accost and fondle your very own professional cheerleader. 

But that’s not all! The rest of the festival lineup is strong. Unfortunately, DJ Dwayne’s appearance has been unexpectedly canceled, but you can still catch HBKerrigan, as he stops in as part of his never-ending Decade of Despair tour. Don’t miss the hot young duo Chase & Terry — be among the first to check out their rare and refreshing talent in an exciting performance that many fans are calling “the only reasons to watch.” And of course Riverboat Ronnie is making his debut at the festival this year. He’ll be crooning all your favorites from his recent top 30 album “Rebuild This!” including such favorites as “Half Game Back,” “What Timeouts?” and his newest release, the heartbreaking ballad “Wish You Were Cam.” 

So come on out for the WFT Festival — it’s sure to be Fyre 🔥

This post has a disturbing lack of likes!

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Good information, thanks @Woz

Is there a plan in place for postponements?

IE, someone picks the Bills/Titans this week, then on Tuesday morning there is another case and the game gets postponed (as opposed to a forfeit W/L)

With there being zero opportunities to change picks, is this an automatic loss? And we just need to factor the possibility into our picks?

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As like last week blue locked in, orange haven't started, green are through, red are eliminated or missing, game postponed (player required to have this wins PLUS week 6 game next week)

DAL 12 22.64%
ARI 11 20.75%
BAL 7 13.21%
HOU 5 9.43%
PIT 4 7.55%
KAN 3 5.66%
SEA 2 3.77%
SFO 2 3.77%
ATL 1 1.89%
CAR 1 1.89%
LAR 1 1.89%
NWE 1 1.89%
TAM 1 1.89%
MISSING 2 3.77%
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On 10/7/2020 at 8:24 PM, Wyld Stallyns said:

Favorite Team: Colts 

Week 5: Patriots 

Just as a reminder

On 8/15/2020 at 3:16 PM, Woz said:

If the game is moved to another week and you do not change your selection in the original week, you will be allowed to continue. However, you will be treated as having already selected that team and that team must win on the week the game is moved to. In other words, there will be a week where you will need two wins.

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