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Good, bad, ugly vs Kansas City

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Never going to have a perfect game but this was a good win.

Good:  I have been tough on both so good job by Carr and Guenther.  The team played the way I thought they would have to.  Defense is not great but good enough and the offense won the game for us.  TO differential and time of possession.  Brown and Ruggs being out there really helped.  Now we need Incognito and Edwards to get healthy.

Forgot to add that Carr had good movement in the pocket.  Last two weeks he was ducking his head when pressure came and would not keep his eyes downfield.  He did a much better job of that today. 

Bad: Need to improve the defense still.  Did not finish plays well on defense.

Ugly:  Watching Mahomes extend every play.  We finally brought an a gap blitz and Mahomes got it out quick to Hardman for 37.  Maybe do not have Crosby in coverage when you blitz.  Whoever went after Carr's leg on the sneak.  I would like to see a replay to see if it was intentional.  If so someone is getting their knees taken out next month.

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Good - 


Pass coverage was making Mahomes have to think and gave our pass rush a chance

Carr- Terrible pass for the pick but was excellent otherwise

Booker - Broke a couple of big runs 

DL - Hustled hard today Ferrell and Jones effort levels were terrific

Jacobs- Some tough running.

Ruggs - 2 big plays 


Carlson missing the XP


Lame posters trolling at ht, pathetic. 

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11 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Didn't watch a second of the game. This along with my jersey jinx... Should probably hang up my fandom boys.

Just keep posting information during the week and we’ll keep you updated on game day! 

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Carr played great, outside the pick. Took shots downfield and managed the offense incredibly. Outplayed Mahomes on his turf.

Gruden called a nice game besides getting a little conservative on a couple drives. We have a top end offense and I hope we act like it from here on out.

Defense shut that offense down 2nd half. DL hustled and secondary had good coverage.

Kwit is a difference maker! 

Ruggs is a game changer!

Jacobs didn’t have the best game but he had some tough yards In key moments. 

Agholor has been lights out. I hope we extend him. 

We’re 3-2 headed into the bye, after a brutal schedule. Let’s get healthy and kick Brady’s ***! 

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• Probably the best game of Derek Carr's career. 

• Gruden having the balls to go for it on 4th down late in the game multiple times. 

• Henry Ruggs speed really opened up things for our offense.

• Second half defense was phenomenal outside of 1 drive. 

• Jacobs running late was beautiful and really helped us seal the game. 

• First 40+ point game by a visitor at Arrowhead since 2009. 

• Jeff Heath's interception to essentially seal the game. 

• Run defense was better for the second straight week and it's clear Kwit is having a huge impact.


• Gabe Jackson's run blocking / run blocking in general for most of the game again.

• Lack of interior pass rush allowed Mahomes to escape and extend plays way too many times. 

• Cory Littleton and Erik Harris in coverage, yikes. 


• Carlson missing that extra point.

• Defense folding on that late drive and letting them get back within one score. 

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I said a long time ago:

Agholor can really help this team if we can run him on crossing routes/deep posts off play action where he’s able to run under the ball. I’d like to see him get more short crossing routes too that give him chances at getting YAC.


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Good: Monkey off our backs.

Bad: Thinking we'd lose at the end.

Ugly: Me not thinking we could win...

We're not great but any Given Sunday. We're good enough when healthy and firing on all cylinders

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