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Giant Tidbits: Random team discussion & rumors


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On 7/21/2023 at 1:31 PM, Acgott said:

Joins the possession receiver dance party and gives Shepard and Wandale more time to recovery.

This signing tells me that one or both of them won't be ready to go on Week 1. Shepard in particular might not play much if at all, but having him in the locker room is still a net positive.

23 hours ago, Acgott said:

Also how is James Robinson just 24?

He broke out as a UDFA rookie in 2020, the year when everything was weird. Not much of a receiving back, but can gain yards. Hope he stays healthy enough to contribute something.

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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Giants are signing Thomas to a five-year contract extension worth $117.5 million, with $67 million guaranteed.

Thomas, who was entering the fourth year of his rookie deal and was wasn’t set to hit free agency until 2025, is now secured through the 2029 campaign.

Over his first three years in the league, Thomas has developed into one of the better left tackles in the sport, and things figure to only get better from here.



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I have to say; since this team has been consistently picking in the upper third of the draft, my expectations as a fan have been far lower. There was even a season when I only watched 2 games. It was when Saquon tore his ACL. There just wasn't anything that excited me enough to spend my time watching the Giants. Last year, that excitement finally started to come back - thanks to the surprising ability of Shoen and Daboll to right the ship much quicker than we could've imagined. Now, this is the most excited I've been for a Giants season in what seems like a decade. There's not really any extraordinary individual aspects that have led to this feeling. But rather, all of the little things that build up a respectable franchise have improved to make it a solid organization again. We can see and feel it. The players show it by the way they carry themselves. It doesn't mean they will win a Superbowl. But you just know that they will be a solid team through and through. It feels funny for me to say after so long; I'm looking forward to the season!

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1 hour ago, Acgott said:

Everyone is a captain again!


10 captains is a lot lol.

Really happy though to see Waller and Adoree take on leadership roles. I think the young DBs in the room really look up to Adoree, and Waller seems to have this really even-keeled, commanding aura about him that I can see lending itself really well to him being a leader on the team.

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