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Desean Jackson signs with Rams


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He'll be a good contributor... for the 3-4 games this season he manages to stay fit for.  I'd like to hope that he leaves the perpetual injury woes in Philly, but we share our stadium with (and our facilities are close enough to) the Chargers, so the ChargIR stink may affect him even if he's not on that actual team.

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I like this signing. I know his health is a big issue but factors that at least I consider is the Rams have a top notch medical staff. As far as I know the Rams are among the least teams who when it comes to injuries suffer least in the NFL in as many years. The coaching staff does a great job at managing the players too throughout the course of the season to keep them as healthy as possible. I remember when the Rams traded for Watkins and we all had the same concern about him not being able to stay healthy. He played every single game for the Rams that season. Health wasnt an issue for him. Also I wonder how much was DJax just not out there because the Eagles was a mess? Its amazing how a guy who cant stay healthy alot all of a sudden stays healthy alot when he is on a winning team. Plus I dont think DJax will play heavily. I think he will be in here and there when the Rams want to go deep and I can definitely seeing him as the punt returner since he has been a very good if not great one over the course of his career. So again I like this signing. 

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1 hour ago, RamRod said:

I still expect us to draft a WR as well.

I do too, but I take this to read that we aren't necessarily going to prioritize floor at the expense of ceiling.  Unless we trade one of Woods or Kupp, we're 3-4 deep (depending on how soon Cooper is back up to full-recovery), so if we opt to wait till Day 3 and go after more a developmental prospect, this affords us that flexibility.

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Low risk, high reward if he can remain healthy and motivated. 

Cali guy, familiar with McVay, wanted to play for us 2 years ago before signing with TB. Assuming it's for the vet minimum and since he was cut, it shouldn't impact the comp formula. Win's all around.

And as many other have mentioned, shouldn't impact draft strategy. If their guy falls to them, they will pull the trigger.

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