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WEEK 4: UNDEFEATED 3-0 Denver Broncos vs 2-1 Baltimore Ravens - 2.25pm MDT /// 4.25pm EDT


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2 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

Shurmur is so awful. Call a running play on first and ten you f****** moron. You have a nervous QB and an offense out of rhythm. 

Shurmers been a mess all day. Pass pro is really bad, you're ripping off big chunks in the running game, and yet we're 60/40 pass to run.

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Feel sorry for Drew here. I am not his biggest fan, but we're down to 4 healthy WRs (one has been with the team for like 5 days), both starting Guards out and he's down 10 against a blitz happy Defense with zero reps all week with our Offense. Not ideal.


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