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The factory of sadness is on the road @ Baltimore GDT Week 12.


Who wins the North  

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  1. 1. who wins the north

  2. 2. How do we win the game

    • Baker throws for 400 yards
    • Chubb runs for 200 yards and 4 tds
    • defense makes plays
    • Lamar keeps making water dukes
    • all of the above
    • horny gives Lamar a love infection
    • Kiwi
  3. 3. Browns At Baltimore who ya got

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No one stepped up, so I am the man of destiny for the week. 

Its a rematch of 2018s no.1 overall pick vs no. 32 overall pick of the same draft. 
And lets be real 52 other guys, coaches too. 

How is it going? Not well, Baker is a man filled with pain, mental and physical. Are we going to break him? We will give it the Cleveland try. 

Lamar on the other hand gets blasted fairly regularly and seems to not get hurt.  Go figure. 

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We might be getting healthier at the right time of year, we are possibly getting Hunt and Conklin back. We may never pass the ball again. We haev a winning record after 11 games of football that happens like never. 

How is our coach of the year going?

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he just keeps sending our walking corpse of a QB in. 

If Baker plays poorly and or we lose.

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The fan base feels like it tearing a part.

Hopefully our little man does this 

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I think we need a Chubb led week

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And for LGBT

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the Browns season in a GIF 

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The teams that get hot at the right time have a shot. Eli Manning has 2 rings because his team got hot and healthy at the right time. I believe both Chiefs and Bucs were hovering at 6-5, 6-4 at this point of their Super Bowl runs

Long story short, it starts this week. All the contender talk has come to a head, it's time.

I think we beat up the overrated Ravens in this one

Browns 27, Ravens 16

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2 hours ago, mtmmike said:

Chubb rolls

Defense plays best game of the year.

Sadly everybody yells for Joe woods head he did not shut them out.

Mayfield only has a 90 qb rating and everybody wants him left behind and bring Kizer back.Tuesday Morning Dog GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

Mike, your gifs really have reached a new level, probably best on the site.

@MWil23, we hardly knew ya'.


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