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Positional Needs Heading into the Offseason


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1 minute ago, MKnight82 said:



It's hard to believe that no team was willing to part with a day 3 pick to have this dude.

It's not like his contract was crazy. He's an immediate starter & a stopgap at worse.

I play Madden a lot...the dude has like an 85 overall rating as the 3rd DT on the team.

You can play him DT, or sub him in as DE if you need too. Very versatile player.

We better be making a HUGE move, or I'm gonna be pissed!!

I just don't understand this franchise...never will 

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1 minute ago, lavar703 said:

I mean, a lot of what they've done has made no sense. With Hurney and Mayhew, Rivera has been making some super questionable moves but has largely got a pass for it. 

What pass?  You criticize every move they make. 

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12 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

Did we really just cut Ioannidis? Will Compton's podcast is reporting we just cut him. If that's the case I have absolutely no idea what they're doing?

I am really disappointed.  What is the point of signing Wentz if it means we can't retain mid level guys who are big contributors like Settle, Ioannidis, and J.D..  Ironic how Rivera's ex DC who went on to have success in Buffalo and Rivera seems to point to as a model, is scooping up these players Rivera is throwing in the trash pile while Rivera is picking up other team's trash in Wentz.  

Rivera has no idea what he is doing at GM.  Just like he should have never tagged Scherff.  The brain trust is clueless or too many people in the room pulling in too many directions to make decisions with forethought.

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The only way these moves make any sense, is if we are making splashes somewhere.

It's the only explanation.

I can understand these moves from a salary cap standpoint. If "BIG IF" you are upgrading other areas of the team that need it.

But if that's the case? Where's Payne's extension?

Where's Terry McLaurin s extension?

Where's Flowers extension?

If you want to keep these 3 for sure? Lock them up, create some space....

Then see if you need to cut very good productive players like Ionitus & so forth.

It's like we do everything ***-backwards.

And it drives me crazy.

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