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Will the KO Offense be a Knock Out?

vike daddy

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5 hours ago, vike daddy said:

The Vikings’ passing offense has been less consistent than in previous years, but way more opportunistic. The fourth-quarter comebacks have significantly made an impact on the passing yards and PFF grade, but DVOA, a metric designed to predict future success, isn’t convinced of the sustainability of the unit. It’s understandable to not fully buy into the team, but 23rd in the league is quite the outlier.

240.7 YPG-7th
PFF: 71.8-11th
DVOA: -0.3-23rd



The Vikings rushing attack has been inconsistent this season but the big touchdown runs by Dalvin Cook have been a major factor in not seeing their rankings lower. It also hasn’t helped that Cook has looked like he has lost that next-level gear that has made him such a dynamic back.

99.4 YPG-25th
PFF: 80.3-16th
DVOA: -0.5-13th



The Vikings’ scoring offense has been good so far this season. They have found a way to score 23+ points in each of their wins this season. They are scoring slightly less than the 25.0 PPG than they did last year, but they are playing better defense and consistency is more important than overall points.

23.8 PPG-11th


9-2. Only stat that matters. 

Although I’m gonna overreact every time we have a 3 and out 😂

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24 minutes ago, VikeManDan said:

Any thoughts on why the screen game has struggled? Other teams make it look so easy at times. 

Good question.  I think that this offense has a tell allowing the opposition defense to easily recognize that the call is a screen.  I don't know if it's the personnel package, the motion pre snap or what.  I just know that defenses are ready for it.

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1 hour ago, VikeManDan said:

Any thoughts on why the screen game has struggled? Other teams make it look so easy at times. 

I think @Captain Relax is right, but I also think they have tried way too many TE screens without the right personnel. Hock and Mundt just aren’t going to do well on those plays. They don’t have the quick acceleration or change of direction required to make them work.

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I listened to PA's conversation with the Jets' play-by-play guy the other day, and he recalls from when KOC was the Jets' 3rd-string QB about how smart and self-aware that he even was then, and how he was basically the offensive quality control coach at that time.  KOC even knew then that he wasn't physically gifted enough to be a NFL QB, so he was already prepping to be a coach, because he wanted to be at the NFL level in some capacity and coaching was going to be that route.  He certainly didn't envision KOC being a HC this soon however...but, it's probably that personality and leadership that has made it so.    


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NFL Research: The Vikings are now 9-0 in one-score games in 2022, which is tied for the most such wins in first 12 games of a season since 1940 (with the 2019 Seattle Seahawks). No team since 1940 has gone 9-0 or better in one-score games through a full season, with the best being the 2009 Colts, who went 8-0 in one-score regular-season games.


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