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2022 Draft Thread


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IMO, Belichick is the best coach/evaluator to do it.  But damn, I think about half way through the dynasty his ego of doing everything against the grain hurt him severely.  Now, I have no idea how good Strange is, but it’s almost like he always has to make an out of the box pick to prove he’s on a different level.  

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Not that we would have picked a Safety with the way Sterns played last year and having had taken Johnson, but I was low key hoping Cine would fall. Like him a lot. Still a lot of talent on the board, although not many surprise picks beyond Quay and Strange. Tomorrow should be a good day! One thing to note is how cheap trade ups have been. 

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2 hours ago, grizmo78 said:

Who do you NOT want the Chargers or Chiefs getting?

I don't want Jermaine Johnson continue to linger on the board. 

Chargers getting OL help was a major plus for them.   

KC getting Karlaftis hurts a little but giving up their 3rd/4th to move up for CB I’ll take any day.  The one guy I hope doesn’t end up in the AFCW is George Pickens.  He’s the last impact X do it all receiver out there IMO.   Watson is a deadly slot guy and Sky Moore has the Golden Tate toolset.   But Pickens is the one who could really blow up at this level.    Avoiding him going to the Chiefs / Chargers would be a big plus.  

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19 minutes ago, bMiller031 said:

Seattle stacking the Jamal Adams and Russell Wilson trades and heading into next season with Drew Lock as QB1 is absolutely BRUTAL.  Such a colossal f*** up

With 39 & 40 it wouldn’t be surprising to see them move up to get Willis.   

Still, the Jets turning the 2 SEA picks into Vera-Tucker and Garrett Wilson for Adams was such a franchise changer for both teams.  Also gave GM Douglas the ammo to use their other draft capital to get the falling Jermaine Johnson.   Jets fans should be going to bed happy - EDGE CB / WR after building the OL last 2 drafts strong work - going to be very few excuses for Zach Wilson year 2.  

As much as rookie contracts are great not sure I’d take Treylon Burks rookie deal over AJ Brown even at 4/100M.   While the cap hit is ugly it’s the new scale.   And if there’s a young WR to likely earn it in their 2nd deal AJB fits the bill.   Philly getting Jordan Davis and AJ Brown is a massive upgrade for them.    Tennessee might be cap healthier in 2024 but man it’s not been a great offseason for them.  

If I were to guess Willis, Ridder & Howell all go in 1H of Rd2 along with Pickens / Watson.    Corral likely mid late Rd2 (although Ridder age 24 might drop him further).  

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9 hours ago, broncosfan_101 said:

According to Woody, we’re gonna trade up early in the 2nd tomorrow. Considering how we’ve only got 14 picks between this year and next, and Paton repeatedly stating that he likes to have 10 picks per draft, I’m extremely skeptical. 

IF we trade up it would have to be for Dean. I want that DJ Williams/Johanthan Vilma clone to lead this D.

otherwise I hope we stay put and take one of Muma, Anderson, Bonitto, McBride, or Raimann. If none are there, Take Ojaba and let him heal for a year. 


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Forgot about Nik Bonitto
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Today should be interesting. I would agree, if we trade up I'd be expecting Dean first and foremost. The only other guys I can think of that might fit the bill for a trade up are Ebiketie or Ojabo. I don't see us trading up for a non-OLB unless it's someone we just absolutely love.

Truthfully, I'm not that convinced we trade up at all. Or, if we do, I'm not sure it's going to be some insane trade up given the lack of draft capital we have. Maybe we off-load a 3rd and 4th + 64 to move up, but I can't see more than that.

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