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Things That Bug You

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I have been watching a lot of standup comedy lately, especially George Carlin and nobody was better at expressing things that bothered them more than him. So what are some things in life that really annoy you?

Here are a few of mine

1.       Remember back in the day before everyone had phones and you would walk in to Subway and right before it was your turn to order the person in front of you would pull out a piece of paper and order like six subs for their coworkers? That was so frustrating and still is today, there should be like a two-sub max per person then its back of the line to start again if you need lol

2.       People at McDonalds or even Subway who don’t know what they want when its their turn to order…I mean my god you had to make the decision in your head to come to this place to get something to eat and you didn’t think about what you wanted on the way? If you’re not ready to order then don’t get in line, its disrespectful….like seriously. Plus, the menu hardly changes so you either want the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Nuggets, or all three ha-ha

3.       I live in Colorado and we have those awesome long traffic lights that take ten minutes before you can turn and there’s not many things more irritating then when you’re like the 14th car in line and the person in the first car isn’t ready to go when the light turns green or turns at the pace of a turtle $%@# I mean come on there are others behind you who would like to make it before the light turns red again

4.       People who play loud videos on their phone while sitting at the bar JFC I don’t want to listen to AC/DC live from England for the next hour while I’m trying to watch the game. If its just for a few seconds then fine but anything longer than that is again disrespectful to those around you. If you’re someone who does this, then I think jail time is appropriate or even having your identity stolen as punishment

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Im in a super rural area with no leash laws. The road I live on is perfect for walkers due to a few miles of tree canopy. Shade all the time. So they get in packs and walk with their dogs. And not a single one uses a leash. So you roll up on a group, dogs everywhere. Have to wait for them to call and get them out the road. While waiting, theres always those that will approach the window to talk. Every single time. Its never a quick run to the store for some milk. Its a 45 min adventure minimum.

Oh. And people that use scented Tide to wash their clothes. It smells like chemicals. You smell like those chemicals and your Old Spice body spray aint covering it up. Use unscented.

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39 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

Hey, I'm fat because I drink too much beer and eat too many brats but butter is where I draw the line. I don't even put butter on my waffles/pancakes or corn.

I found the terrorist. 

People that stand up to get bags down the moment the plane is about to land or still rolling.

People that smoke in front of no smoking signs. 

Golf fans. 

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