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2022 Official Commanders Training Camp Thread


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38 minutes ago, Slappy Mc said:

Antonio Gibson's definitely in the dog house. Turnovers have to be a huge point of emphasis right now and showing that you havent fixed anything cost him his starting gig. 

For sure fumbles but he’s not a true RB and the experiment for me didn’t work. Indecisive and never really latched on. 

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In a weird way Gibson winning the returner job might save Jarett Patterson roster spot.

Keeping 4 TEs and From my guess 6 WRs with Milne if they had to keep 7 Errikson to return kicks Patterson had almost no chance to make the roster and still might not depending on TE health

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27 minutes ago, aceinthehouse said:

I hope we beat Baltimore Saturday.

They've won like 25+ preseason games in a row & treat it like their SB.

I know Wentz will be pulled early, if he even plays.

But it would still be great to see TH or Sam lead the team to victory & knock the Ravens off their pre season run.

Ace how good will Cole Turner be? Give me some good news

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