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GM Mock Drafts 2023 - TCMD Draft


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With the 50th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah


We were considering some other players here for positional value, however Kincaid is the BPA on our board, so we are forced to take this immensely talented receiving TE, who will pair well with Cade Otton

We hope that with our STUD offensive weapons, whoever ends up winning our starting job at QB will be able able to flourish

@mountainpd OTC

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OTC @squire12

Upcoming teams







General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
ON THE CLOCK FALSE squire12 2nd 22 53 $1,288,958 Thu, 03/09 07:20 PM Thu, 03/09 08:00 PM
  T.B. Team General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
Next Team
FALSE SEA DTMW78 2nd 23 54 $1,259,111 Thu, 03/09 08:00 PM Thu, 03/09 08:40 PM
FALSE DET winitall 2nd 24 55 $1,229,265 Thu, 03/09 08:40 PM Thu, 03/09 09:20 PM
FALSE JAC Trojan 2nd 25 56 $1,214,343 Thu, 03/09 09:20 PM Thu, 03/09 10:00 PM
FALSE NYG @ny92mike 2nd 26 57 $1,205,387 Thu, 03/09 10:00 PM Fri, 03/10 10:00 AM
FALSE CHI squire12 2nd 27 58 $1,190,466 Fri, 03/10 10:00 AM Fri, 03/10 10:40 AM
FALSE BUF downundermike 2nd 28 59 $1,169,571 Fri, 03/10 10:40 AM Fri, 03/10 11:20 AM
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