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GM Mock Drafts 2023 - TCMD Draft


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The Arizona Cardinals select OL D-0385 Peter Skoronski Northwestern


We are incredibly happy to pick Skoronski here. He steps in and should be able to compete for RT, if not he should start at a G sport very quickly. Protecting Kyler has always been the #1 priority this off-season and the amount of depth that we have added is immense. I think long term Skoronski projects as an elite guard which fortifies our offense for years to come. 


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OTC @MKnight82

Upcoming OTC teams (start thinking about who you'll be selecting please and thanks)









General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
ON THE CLOCK FALSE MKnight82 1st 16 16 $2,960,340 Tue, 03/07 08:00 PM Tue, 03/07 08:40 PM
  T.B. Team General Manager Round Pick Overall Cap Hit Start End
Next Team
FALSE PIT Cbrunn 1st 17 17 $2,900,647 Tue, 03/07 08:40 PM Tue, 03/07 09:20 PM
FALSE WAS MKnight82 1st 18 18 $2,826,034 Tue, 03/07 09:20 PM Tue, 03/07 10:00 PM
FALSE TB BucsDraftGeek47 1st 19 19 $2,781,263 Tue, 03/07 10:00 PM Wed, 03/08 10:00 AM
FALSE SEA DTMW78 1st 20 20 $2,766,341 Wed, 03/08 10:00 AM Wed, 03/08 10:40 AM
FALSE LAC whodatOL 1st 22 21 $2,751,416 Wed, 03/08 10:40 AM Wed, 03/08 11:20 AM
FALSE BAL Justone2 1st 23 22 $2,721,571 Wed, 03/08 11:20 AM Wed, 03/08 12:00 PM
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