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NFL suspends 5 players for gambling


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Just now, RaidersAreOne said:

Release Jameson you cowards!!!!!!!

It’s been said they immediately cut the two players who get on NFL games and were suspended indefinitely. Reportedly, Jamo didn’t bet on nFL games but bet on other sports while on company property which can include training room and team bus. 

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1 minute ago, Sad People said:

Why is Jameson only getting suspended for 6 games and other players indefinitely? Whats the difference?

Maybe cause the others are off the roster now?

1 minute ago, bigbadbuff said:

I don’t get how Ridley got a year and Williams got 6 games 

They want Williams to maintain his 1 catch per year average

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1 minute ago, Trentwannabe said:

Bunch of dummies.

Does this in anyway effect the Lions draft plans? Outside of Williams I didn't recognize the names tbh

CJ Moore was a stout special team player for us and backup safety. You might remember him on a couple of those fake punts we ran back last year. Quintez Cepheus hasn’t played in years and was on the roster bubble. I don’t even know who Stanley Berryhill is. 

Jamo is the big loss. This was supposed to be his first full season. Lions have ARSB, Marvin Jones, Josh Reynolds and Kalif Raymond. We already expected them to draft a WR at some point, but they have depth, so I don’t think this changes their draft plans. 

it’s disappointing just the same. It’s so stupid. Players have to be smarter than this. 

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