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Titans sign WR Calvin Ridley


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Just for comparison AJ Brown is making $25 mil a year and had $57 mil guaranteed. Obviously cap is always going up, but this contract is still absolutely brutal when comparing the quality of players.

Oh and AJ is 26.

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8 minutes ago, nagahide13 said:

Man... ARSB is going to make 40 a year. Eff.

I think Aiyuk and ARSB are going to be looking at 27-29. Lamb 30, JJ maybe 32? 

Which is actually slightly better than I originally thought, tbh.

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1 minute ago, Mox said:

I kind of liked this move. He can be a 2 behind Hopkins. Gives Levis another weapon along with Pollard, things could be fun.

Then I saw the contract.

For that much money I would hope he is more than a 2 on that roster.

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A lot of money, but don't really care. Titans have cap space on top of cap space to just sling, and cap is going to keep rising, and WRs are going to keep surpassing him in yearly value(he's 10thish? right now I think) so whatever.

My concern is him returning to Atlanta form. If he can do that, cool. If he sucks, welp, just gotta eat the hit.

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Weird thing is that I don't think TEN is in a position where overspending like this really does anything for them. They're not in a window to make a super bowl run, despite having a rookie QB. They're clearly rebuilding and so you throw a ton of money at a WR who has, at best, a questionable past and was like average last year?

I mean, sure.

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