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  2. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    The guys comparing Winovich and Gary like the SSDE and WSDE are the same position in that defense are mind blowing. That said, Bush's open field tackling ability, and ability to close the distance on a ball carrier or receiver in a hurry are definitely legitimate. Just not interested in that super early.
  3. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Did anyone else feel Ike fat Thor was a terrible idea? It was funny for like 5 minutes but kinda hurts Thor’s persona.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Even if we're talking about medicals and weight concerns...unless they're really really bad... idk. I just haven't ever really understood why he was hyped as a potential Top-10 pick in the first place. He plays like a guy with a decent future as a RT in a really run-heavy scheme looking for that classic mauler. But he's not exactly the model of the modern smooth pass protecting Tackle. Like...Risner is also still out there. Doesn't have the same injury concerns (that i know of?), or the weight concerns. Has an even nastier demeanor, top tier character, and from what i've watched, a more reliable blocker. Unless you somehow think Taylor is going to be a LT despite not even being viewed that way within his own college team. Even without the injury stuff...i don't think he's a better RT-only prospect than Risner.
  5. Love the player but hate the pick. We now have 6 300 plus DTs., with none being a traditional 330 NT. I wanted Oliver or Allen. The difference between Oliver and Williams is that Oliver is more versatile who with his speed and power can be a pass rushing threat as a 43 DE. Allen would have offered something we’ve been missing for so many years, a 34 Edge Rusher even if Q and Leo turn out as good as Donald and Blockers, the Rams still finished 19 in total Defense and that’s with the 2nd best offense in the league. In this age of prolific passing offenses.it sort of does make me question the importance of the DT position. With the signing of Mosely, it seems that Mac is more concerned with stopping the run As others said this sort of makes our taking Shepard and Fatukasi wasted pick. i really hoped for an edge rusher and help on the OL. The pass rusher is probably not going to happen, hopefully we address the OL on Saturday it will be really interesting g to watch the play of Williams, Oliver and Wilkins,, all now playing in the AFC East
  6. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    My question is this... With Natasha dead, how are they going to treat the Black Widow movie?
  7. Day 2/3

    Wanted harry. I'll take aj brown or greedy. Both great picks at this point. Or trade back a few picks and still get one plus a 3rd
  8. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Packers at 12 might have been a shout, as they selected Gary. But maybe you're right.
  9. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Maybe and maybe not im starting to get away from that you could have gotten him later thing because alot of the times i say that their are reports that come out a few days later with teams actually going to take the guy who got taken earlier than most of us expected like 3 or 4 picks later. They have alot of intel on teams and alot of inside stuff that we don't have access too. Like when we took Keanu Neal it was viewed as a full round reach but their was a team or 2 that said they were looking to get him a little after us if we hadn't taken him round 1 and same with Deion jones in round 2. That worked out well for us in the long run even though us mock drafters viewed it as a reach but nfl teams had different values than us on them. Also seen a interview a bit ago from Dan Quinn saying they had info that a few teams from 16 to 20 were looking to take Lindstrom and even texted him after we took him congratulating us on it and sending a few cuss words his way saying they was wanting him. Once again this shows quite a few teams had Lindstrom higher than alot of us mockers and a few analysts did and actually rated higher than Ford who we all thought was a higher rated player who fell by every team. It's sad how little info we know sometimes compared to the insiders on the teams and i wish i could get inside info just once lol
  10. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Wow what a POS. Banhammer this guy out the league please.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Adderly, CGJ, Risner, Butler, or Brown at 44. Sternberger, Warring, Hardman, Isabella, or Montgomery at 75.
  12. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    I had him going 13 in my mock. Maybe no one in the 8-13 wanted to trade up?
  13. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    I don't know if we can conclude anything from the first pick, other than we were looking at wide receiver and offensive line. With the pick we chose the big playmaker/x-factor rather than the possession type in Brown, Harry, Harmon etc.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I could see us trading back from 44 to grab a fourth since we have none now. 75 to 150 is a big stretch. I'd like a WR on day 2, hoping for Butler, though CGJ and Adderley still on the board is also tempting as hell.
  15. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Why is he still on the team? They didn't wait to cut Hunt
  16. 1st Round - 16 Booms/16 Busts

    Because arbitrarily saying there will be 16 boom and 16 bust is strange.
  17. GREEN BAY PACKERS 2019 NFL Draft - DAY 2 Day Two - OFFENSIVE WEAPON - The board has some intriguing Offensive Weapons and it lines up perfectly with where the Packers will be picking and how the Board looks like it will fall. This pick is 90% WR or Irv Smith. Round 2, Pick 12 (44 overall): a. AJ Brown WR Ole Miss b. Irv Smith TE Alabama c. Parris Campbell WR Ohio State d. Trade Back, recoup 3rd or 4th Round pick, Select: Jachai Polite DE Florida (If the players listed above are gone in the first few picks, I like everyone's ex-girlfriend, J Polite DE Florida) OFFENSIVE LINE - Unloading both 4th Rounders ties our hands and means we need an OT with this pick, especially if Round 2 is an offensive weapon. Max Scharping or Yodney Cajuste. Michael Deiter can play anywhere along the line. Round 3, Pick 11 (75 overall): All options in Round 3 follow trading back to recoup a 4th Round Pick Trade Back, recoup 4th Round pick, Select: a. Max Scharping OT N Illinois b. Yodney Cajuste OT West Virginia c. Michael Deiter OL Wisconsin Round 4, Recouping: If Round 2 results in a WR, then TE. If the pick was Irv Smith TE, then WR. If OT is BPA. a. Andy Isabella WR UMASS / Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina b. Josh Oliver TE San Jose St/ Jace Sternberger Texas A&M BOOK IT! Because we need to remember that the Packers do it their way, it is almost guaranteed that by the end of the draft, _________________ will be a Packer. I'll say: David Sills V WR West Virginia Day 2 really needs to produce a WR that can be the weapon Rodgers needs as well as a TE that can stretch the field and there were only 3 in this draft that are sure things, and now we are down to one
  18. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Not the ones left on ya board bro im talking the full rankings from the beginning on your board top to bottom before the draft started i want to see where you had everyone in the top 100 to 200 listed at or so if ya got that one.
  19. They're both kinda guys where i'd maybe roll the dice and say...ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...one of them is there top of R3 maybe? I'd lean OLine here. RT specifically. There's just too much talent there at a spot we need fixed badly. Or WR if it's Metcalf or Brown.
  20. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    A guess the sammy watkins contract isn't so bad now
  21. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Probably could have traded down and still got him though
  22. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    I doubt we keep both Joseph and Abram. Both are pure SS’s.
  23. I think Sternberger or possibly Knox could be options for sure.
  24. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Man ran a 7.26 3-cone. Dude's stiff. He also had a 38 inch vert at 6'4 277. He's explosive as hell. From an athletic and film perspective, the ghost of Nick Perry looms. On the other hand, a 5% more talented Nick Perry who can stay healthy is probably making pro bowls on the regular.
  25. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Depth chart updated with full roster QB: Carr - Glennon - Jones - Peterman RB: Jacobs - Crowell - Richard - Washington - Warren III FB: Smith - Yurachek - Butler WR: Brown - Nelson - Blacknall - Davis WR: Williams - Ateman - Hatcher Slot: Grant - Harris - Pierson-El TE: Smith - Willson - Carrier - Waller - Butler LT: Brown - Sharpe - Murray LG: Jackson - Green C: Hudson - Devey RG: Good - Kirkland - Hunt RT: Miller - Parker - McGloster LE: Ferrell - Mauro - Barrett DT: Hankins - Ellis - Wright DT: Hurst - Hall - Vanderdoes RE: Mayowa - Key OLB: Burfict - Morrow - Cowser MLB: Marshall - Cabinda - Collins OLB: Whitehead - Lee - Wilbur CB: Worley - Nelson - Dorleant CB: Conley - Lawson - Meander Slot: Joyner - Gafford FS: Joseph - Taylor - Leavitt SS: Abram - Harris - Richards K: Carlson - Piniero P: Townsend - Kaser LS: DePaola - Sieg My top 5 needs would be as follows... TE, RG, LB, WR, DE
  26. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I agree completely I am absolutely thrilled that Devin Bush ended up as the Pittsburgh Steelers new inside linebacker. There's two reasons for that I think it bodes really well for me as an owner in BDL and I'm a Steeler fan. Add for Kodi Ford will see where he'll and you're absolutely right about that. In your criticism I mean and that's not really what it was that's not what you were doing but I'm just choosing that word of the guy sliding back is actually spot on. While I had my reasons for doing what I did the fact of the matter is that particular player was not taken where that BDL pic represents in real life
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