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  2. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Yeah, he is... He just doesn't have NFL talent. The two throws from Monday that highlighted his lack of talent were the back shoulder throw and the throw in the end zone. He was unable to make adjustments to get to the ball.
  3. It's not even really Goff. He's the same mediocre guy he's always been. It's that their OLine hasn't been good, and they can't run the ball worth anything. If you can't do that to set the game up easy for Goff like they did when he's been successful, it's gonna go badly. We've seen more than enough of what Bortles looks like if he's not having easy completions tee'd up by a robust running game too though. It's not any better.
  4. ALCS: Yankees vs Astros

    ? It's not a matter of "my team's left more RISP than yours" I'm one of those talking - as I'm sure you would be if you'd lost two very winnable games after HOU had failed (as you mention above) to get a simple hit in the clutch. Unlike NYY, HOU has come thru just enough to win these games. Its really nothing more than that. The NYY simply have to hit better.
  5. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Next 4 games kind of makes it hard to even go 3-1. They should go 4-0 but I hope you're right. Really hoping those picks aren't in playoff range
  6. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    We better freakin pay him now
  7. ALCS: Yankees vs Astros

    You play them one at at time and each game other than the first has been nip and tuck / could go either way with a clutch hit (or pitch) here or there.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    Will we still be thinking this when Jalen Ramsey intercepts Tom Brady and returns it for a TD to win the superbowl 7-3?
  9. have u seen how bad goff has been playing
  10. The Other Games Thread Week #6

    Yep. It's a treading water move as they traded Peters away and put Talib on IR (although the latter move probably doesn't harm them too much). I don't get it form a money point of view. Ramsey is surely going to be a lot more expensive than Peters and they will be in cap difficulties very soon. They shouldn't be in win now mode because they are 3-3 and will struggle to get to the playoffs. Beginning of the end for McVey-mania?
  11. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Liked because you said 'mate'.
  12. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Exactly. An elite CB is hugely valuable...but fundamentally, you don't build a championship team around one. Especially not one who is about to run off their Rookie Deal value and command absolutely huge money. There's just a cap on how much an individual CB can impact the game as a whole. It's a position that has become very scheme specific, and where you can use that scheme to "hide" or "enhance" less well-rounded DBs and flatter them with strong DLine play and the right deployment to their strengths. It's more than that though. Chance any of those two 1st round picks becomes a better player than Jalen? Slim to none. Odds those two players combined end up with a net impact comparable to Jalen as a CB...more plausible. You add in the fact those two 1st round picks combined are probably going to cost less than half of what Jalen does...with 5 potential years of control, and that's a pretty big value addition in this transaction. Amen. You've got a proven pattern here...where Jalen will abstain and make up "injuries" and dawdle around, if he doesn't get what he wants. What in this whole fiasco makes anyone think this is a guy who is going to play on a 5th year option, or even a Franchise Tag? He's hinted pretty clearly at the fact he's going to set an entirely new benchmark for CB pay scale, or he's not going to play. It very well might even be beyond that sort of number, and impinging on the "highest paid defensive player" sort of territory.
  13. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    I think the bolded is a hugely underrated aspect of this trade. The Jaguars aren't just getting a couple 1st round picks and a mid-rounder for Jalen...they're getting maybe $20M of future cap flexibility too. Not that Jalen was ever re-signing in Jacksonville in the first place...but people acting like the Rams acquired a bargain deal are really only going to be right for this year. It's just going to skyrocket from there. Funny how you've embraced the "Jalen is a distraction" sort of thing now. After defending him for so long, and denying it was an issue. But it's a legit problem. He's got one heck of an ego on him, and absolutely craves the spotlight and attention. Now on top of it, he's got an agent who is banking on Jalen's new deal basically buying him a private island or something...it's not something you can just ignore. He is an elite CB, but yeah...it's been pretty well established that DBs don't win championships...and Jalen alone isn't the guy who dragged that Jaguars team to an AFC Championship game. That defensive front was the real superstar as a group. Along with the rest of the secondary around Jalen being top tier as well. As was Fournette being a horse.
  14. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    I've been watching old Montana film. Amazing how lately it seems ANY playoff game I want to find, I can on YT with ease. Wasn't the case only 2-3 years ago. Even plenty of regular season matchups are on YT, pretty much every single one from the 21st century that anyone would want to watch. Unfortunately quality is usually poor unless its' an NFL upload, but to be expected. I didn't realize how fast Joe was, I knew he could move in the pocket but quite a few plays he'll take off for the 1st and turn the jets on and he looks as fast as prime Rodgers to me.
  15. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    @SkippyX .....reinforcement!
  16. Today
  17. 5 up, 5 down

    Australians are like our special needs cousin. Oh and they are all convicts
  18. Wasn't debating the logistics. I'm saying in terms defining the quality of a football team, that aspect is negligible. Certainly hasn't given an advantage to the Jets, Dolphins, or Bills the last 20 years.
  19. I don't even know what to say. He hasn't been as abysmal as Sidney Jones, but he's been bad.
  20. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    I'll say 31 or 40.
  21. The Other Games Thread Week #6

    Ramsey to Rams-eh? Gave up far too much, IMO. FAR too much.
  22. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Greedy! We need one! RAM-sey obviously a big upgrade, but it's far too much to give up. I'd never be OK with giving up 1s, unless it's a QB or Watt and Donald. IF they do not make playoffs this season, what does that say? They would have been 6-3 anyway....
  23. 1 Round Mock

    Not a bad pick if we end up picking 8th as we could use a good CB for sure. Although it's hard to get a read on Fulton right now some places have him top 5 some have him late 1st early 2nd. Im just gonna have to see how he finishes the year and where more analysts have him at come mock time next year. Now with that said with our losses piling up it seems we are picking around 5th right now and in this draft that guy Chase Young is sitting there for the taking for the Falcons and that would be a perfect pick to replace Beasley and try to improve this god awful pass rush that has only 5 sacks in 6 games total
  24. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Remember when Jar Jar Binks and Ewoks were the worst things about Star Wars? I miss those days.
  25. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Nice to see the LAR fans have returned to their team
  26. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    All I saw from Peters in Kansas when he played his best was man coverage, both as press and off coverage. Getting Kenny Young as a linebacker who can excel in man coverage would make some sense for your argument though. I still can't get a grasp on Peters as a prospects, but my guess is most Ravens fans expect too much of this signing. Best of luck with Young, he does have some potential if Wade can fit him into a role on defense.
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