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  2. People sleep on Cam for whatever reason but he was never terrible in Carolina. He missed all of last season but during the 2017 and 2018 seasons they were 17-13 when he started despite having a meh team around him. And in those 30 games he threw for 6,700 yards (64% comp), 46 TD, 29 INT, and also rushed for 1,250 yards and 10 TD. So essentially 8,000 yards and almost 60 TD's in his last two seasons with the Panthers. He has been money during the first two weeks and I expect to see more of the same this week.
  3. I'd say absolutely, because he's actually been really good out of the BP throughout his time there. He's another power arm potentially down there... Especially with Hudson not being available for the post-season...
  4. Schreck won't be getting more snaps over Higgins. You play your talent and adjust the scheme to fit it.
  5. You’re already making some big assumptions there
  6. He did good in KC in 1997 in relief of Elvis Grbac, but for the playoff game with Denver, Marty decided to go with Grbac. Rest is history.
  7. I think the option just disappears. More WRs on the field now, imo. I doubt they try to shoehorn Schreck into any sort of role. In fact, i'd bet his snaps don't increase much, if at all.
  8. Huh...Did Elway sign his **** for something?
  9. edit to get in line with Webby's request
  10. Just curious, how so? Outside of the (amazing) 84 yard TD, I don't think he's done much else has he?
  11. So the Chargers thought Tyrod with cracked ribs was a better option than starting Herbert? And yeah, that doctor is fired.
  12. I’m just gonna assume talking about Breonna Taylor is a no-no.
  13. Idk if you saw him play vs the Raiders on Monday but he was straight up awful. Jenkins being gone is good, he was not worth the money and Mills seems much more comfortable at safety.
  14. Whoa man Whoa. They vacummed some of my brain less that 2 months ago. I can make ( easily searchable) mistakes! 😊
  15. I could do with a playoff run in all black. Save the best for last 😈
  16. I was specifically talking about the discussion on Chao, the discussion on flu shots, and the gifs and memes. Your post was fine and on topic.
  17. The doctor probably has Herbert on his fantasy team.
  18. I think he has been pretty damn good with all things considered. We lost our #1 WR right before the season started again, we've been playing with a makeshift offensive line, and he was without Ruggs for the 2nd half against Carolina. He missed a couple of throws early against the Saints but he was on the money for the rest of the game. After our first two drives we literally scored on 6/7 drives to close the game with the only exception being when Richard fumbled the ball. I'll gladly take 34 points and a 10 point win over one of the elite teams in the league. Through the first two weeks we're 4th in scoring offense behind only the Packers, Ravens, and Seahawks and I believe the 68 points we've scored during the first two weeks is the most the franchise has had to open the season since like the 1960s. He's on pace for 4,200+ yards 30+ TD, with a 70%+ completion this season. I think there has only been two other QB's in NFL history to have those numbers over the course of a season. Obviously he has to continue to play well but I am impressed by what I've seen from Carr this season and I think we made the right decision to give him one more year.
  19. They will roll with less 2 TE sets, they already were one of the higher 3 WR teams in the league.
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