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  2. Ah, that's right. Forgot about that. Hopefully he'll see this and change it for us. We can move to another thread after we get done drafting. @The Gnat
  3. Salary Cap and Player Priority

    Smith only got a $5 mil signing bonus so his 2019 cap number only increased by 1 mil. He gets big salaries plus another bonus starting next year with a lot of injury guarantees. It's win-win since it doesn't prevent extending the others this year.
  4. Am I winning yet? Who we pegged as scum? Give me free updates. Y’all do all the work I’m just here for the free bagels
  5. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Sustainability is overrated. The NFL is a year to year league. You are NOT going to get an answer about how sustainable a guy is within a season. It's just something you can indefinitely say regardless of what transpires. Tom Brady playing well past 35 has been unsustainable for several years now and its still considered unsustainable in his 40s for good reason, but its missing the point. Its actually quite an assumption that any QB is going to be good and healthy 10 years from now. The Ravens have him cheap and under contract for 4 years. Pivoting is always an option down the road. All we are going to get an answer to is if he plays well enough to help the team this year. Like sure the Browns string of losing seasons has certainly been unsustainable for many years now. But, the relevant question is if it going to happen this year
  6. A losing record is really a technicality, he's 7-7 in appearances with one being when he came in relief and mounted a 14 point comeback that doesn't count as a win for him. Since context doesn't matter for these quotes I guess the context that he took over a 1-31 team and went 7-7 is irrelevant.
  7. Matrix 4 is happening

    They really need to do this
  8. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    We already have enough Lamar Jackson sucks threads.
  9. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm doing the same thing. I recruited Sylvain from BL, because I lost him around chapter 4, so I didn't really get to see him develop, at all. I recruited Caspar and Dorothea on my original playthrough, too, so they aren't getting as much action on this run, just so I can see the other arcs develop a little more.
  10. It won't let me because @The Gnat started the thread. Should we start another thread?
  11. He got the same 1 year as Brady and Rogers and the 30 other players. Last season was the extension for those 33 players. Just because he was too busy on his social media to read the rules is not a NFL problem
  12. Is Individual Player Defense Overrated?

    Yeah, it could be just me but defense really hasn't mattered all that much in the NBA.
  13. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Yes, Sunday is the deadline.
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    here you go you buckeye homers
  15. Matrix 4 is happening

    The first 1 was pretty good but it seemed like they all went downhill after. Not sure why they'd do a 4th.
  16. The Car Thread

    Some new vehicles are shipped with the optimum oil for break in. They will tell you not to dump the oil early. While years ago dumping the oil on new vehicles was required manufacturing processes take care of that issue now. Much closer tolerances, cylinder wall surface improvements etc. Any metal that can damage an engine is removed by the oil filter anyway. Lots of old wives tales about engine oil and break in periods etc. My favourite is people suggesting black oil means it’s time for it to be changed. Many modern oils have additives that will turn oil black.
  17. TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT Bigbear72 Gets: Curtis Samuel 2019 1st 2020 2nd USMC Gets: Mike Evans 2019 5th 2020 4th
  18. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I keep thinking about turning it into a hobby to make my own cut of the final two seasons, but then I have to keep telling myself that the time spent watching the final two seasons in order to make that cut would make me so sick of the series I wouldn’t be able to watch it again anyway. I still believe that it could be salvaged if you took the final two seasons and turned them into a fast-paced thriller fantasy. Somebody ought to do that for me because the more I think about it the more I hate the final two seasons. NOT what happened. I am very content with what happened as far as the conclusion, but I get angry when I think of how it was done. Like that whole summit where they decided Bran is king is some of the worst writing in television history.
  19. Valhalla Fantasy Football, Season 4 2018

    I'm in the dynasty league (as you are), but I'm willing to participate in a single season league as well.
  20. Mock Draft 2020 1.0

    Sign me up.
  21. General Season Talk

    Or because the Redskins are generally just a bad organization (i.e. Trent Willams, Sua Cravens) and Foster tweeted out against the Redskins in December. He was cut then, but they waited until the summer to do it. $4mil for a 30yr old thumper isn't worth, but he could be for $1.5 like Zach Brown. Agree to disagree. Need an upgrade at ILB before season starts.
  22. Better 2019 season:Dak Prescott vs Nick Foles

    I went with Dak.
  23. Name Your Favorite Team's Defensive Anchor & Lockdown Defender

    Defensive Anchor: Clint Capela Lockdown defender: PJ Tucker Tucker is by far the heart and sole of our defense, but we fall apart when we dont have Capela protecting the rim. When hes not playing well on D, the team is not playing well on D. Tucker always brings it, even when we bottom half in the league in defense. When we are playing top 5 D, its because Capela is altering plays.
  24. 2020 Draft Thread

    I agree with you that this is true - they did likely draft McG to eventually move to LT. But if they draft a guy they like enough moving forward, they can leave McGlinchey on the right side.
  25. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Yeah, I wasn't high on Dalvin a month ago, but listening Dr. Jesse Morse and talking to a buddy of mine who lives in Minnesota and who's more in-tune with the Vikings than I am made me feel a lot more comfortable about taking him. I still understand that there is a higher injury risk with him though. Some of the WRs right now on the wire that interest me are.... 1. Tyrell Williams 2. Courtland Sutton 3. Kenny Stills 4. Mohamed Sanu 5. Quincy Enunwa Anyone you see as a must add?
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