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Selection Sunday Thread


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10 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

Is there a bowl selection show or is it just for the playoff?

Bowl selection but they will be announced later as the internet breaks the news. Think New Year's games gonna be announced around 3 so everything else afterwards

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Well, I’ve been an OU fan my entire life.

I guess we all have opinions about rankings.

All I know is OU, while great offensively, doesn’t seem to understand defence. 

I want to see good football and I don’t want to see another bad OU loss. 

I just don’t feel they’re a good enough team to be there. 


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59 minutes ago, PAW said:

Who cares?  Georgia had their chance vs Bama and blew it. We don’t need to see it again. 

Agreed.  And I hated that Danielson said at the end of the game, move Georgia to #3 and move ND down to #4.  With four teams, Georgia doesn't need to play- we lost another playoff-type matchup, or play-in game if you will. 

However, this is why I'd like to expand the playoffs.  

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