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Packers fire Head Coach Mike McCarthy; Joe Philbin named interim HC

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6 hours ago, CWood21 said:

It goes both ways.  We've seen Rodgers pass on the short, easy completions in favor of high risk, high reward throws.  But we've also seen McCarthy call plays on 3rd and short where the nearest route is 10+ yards down the field.

Are you sure Aaron didn't just change the plays at the line? Apparently that was one of the problems.

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2 hours ago, Fl0nkerton said:

Was just pointing out that its the same usual suspects on the forum that have to toot their own horns when something, anything, negative happens to Green Bay lol.

Oh. Haven't seen a lot of that, but it's a long thread. Thanks for clarifying.

1 hour ago, incognito_man said:

LMAO @ check down

That's literally the opposite of what he is doing and it's infuriating. If he would check down even half as often as his counterparts GB is probably leading the division right now.

Rodgers is infuriating like half the fan base or more because he ignores checkdown options with impunity.

he probably has like 30+ overthrows on sideline deep routes though.

I get your frustration with Rodgers, but...a lot of the jumble falls on the offense, overall. 

1 hour ago, Xenos said:

The difference here is that there's a HOF quarterback involved. Makes things weird. 

Edited by Heinz D.

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