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The Nickname?


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What happened to the  nickname, ya know......


"Too Tall"





"Crazy Legs"

"The Hammer"



"Big Daddy"





"The Toe"



"Nigerian Nightmare"

"Bad Moon"

"Big Hands"






"Night Train"


"Slingin' "

"Super Gnat"

"The Mad Bomber"

"The Flea"


"The Horse"

"The Kansas Comet"


"Golden Boy"


"The Iron Curtain"

"The Mad Stork"


"The Wisp"

"White Shoes"

"Golden Wheels"

"The Galloping Ghost"

"The Bullet".....ah.....we do have "The Cheetah"

"The Fearsome Foursome"

"The Snake"

"Jefferson Street"

"Million Dollar Backfield"


We've also had....The Tank, The Truck, Thunder, Bam, Speedy, Long Gone, Little Train, Bambi, Cannonball, The Jet, The King, Jaquar, Spider,

What happened?

Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Saquon Barkley, Khali Mack, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Ezekial Elliott, just lay there, yep....boring.

Doesn't Mahomes have a nickname?

The College game with...The Four Horsemen, Mr, Outside and Mr. Inside (both won a Heisman) pretty cool, as was "Preacher" Pilot and "Squirmin' " Sherman Lewis, "Choo Choo'" Winters.

Hell, the CFL...."Gizmo" Williams, "Pinball" Clemons.

I guess a nickname couldn't improve....Fair Hooker....a Browns WR, or Hiawatha Francisco a ND RB.


Who can put a name behind that list of nicknames?




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