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AB stats in 2019 if he and brady are healthy


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Just now, RaidersAreOne said:

Not as crazy as everyone thinks. Gordon and Edelman will get theirs, along with White, Michel and co.

Absolutely, I would agree with that. 

I'd guess something along the line of 85, 1000 yards. Variable touchdowns. Could be like 12, could be like 4. You just never know. 

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19 minutes ago, BayRaider said:

I think he'll have a typical AB season. 1,200 yards and 5 TDs.

is that 15 TD's? He had that last year while the QB  had spotty wifi, among other difficulties out thataways .  I expect others to get their share, but if gordon falls off map and or there is an injury to RB, I would expect AB to get more throws.  Of course. lets not rule out Gronk returning in time for the playoffs, but I am speaking of regular season for now anyways. 

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Most anti-authoritarian player in history goes to the most strict, robotic, detailed organization in history. Edelman, Gordon, and White will be getting the largest share of the targets. 

My guess is he doesn't get thrown to that much because Brady doesn't trust him, he doesn't have immediate success, he goes on a social media tirade, gets cut, then calls everyone racist.

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