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Post game vs the ratbirds: and 5 up and 5 down

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1. Freddie kitchens and running the freddie k offense. Keep owning your ****. 

2. Wilkes, two weeks of a coachkng masterclass.

3. Baker

4. Nick Chubb you sexy animal. 

5. Landry



1. The refs werent great

2. Myles was quiet

3. Juice being hurt

4. Kush and penalties


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M'kay - translation:

No way we are breaking New York's rule of helping the Browns.

You can bet your *** if the jerseys were reversed, those sorry excuses for refs would have found their back pockets right quick and in a hurry

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1 hour ago, Kiwibrown said:

. Myles was quiet

he might have been quiet but I think they built a lot of schemes around him and it allowed for the other lineman to have a great game.

Garrett was quiet but the other 3 had a very good game. 

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1. Baker: looked like the guy I remember from last year.

2. Freddie: see above.  Lots of creativity, loved it.

3. Wilks: It’s too bad really, he’s gonna get another HC job before long.  Fantastic job.  Again.

4. Chubb: He made me hard, that much is certain.

5. Backup DB’s: These dudes are overdue on credit.  2 weeks in a row they dropped their nuts on some chins.

6. Jarvis: Balled our today gents.

7. Joe Scho: another great game.

8. Larry O: best kept secret in the league.



1. Ratley: Youngin’ left a lot of meat on the bone.

2. **** the rest, we just hung a 40 spot on the Ravens in their place.  Life is good.

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Chubb - probably our best player? Incredible game

Run blocking - very solid

Play calling - quick hitters, run/pass balance - we do this rest of the year we are an 11 win team

Backup secondary - great effort last 2 weeks

Baker / Kitchens - team stuck together through adversity. Great leadership



Still too many pre-snap penalties

Team could have finished stronger last drive defensively

I feel nitpicky pointing out flaws

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Ok kiwi 

ol and coach most unsung hero’s

chubb is he leading in yards yet

landry watching a hof wr stud up in a big game

shake and bake 40 against Baltimore without Calloway or hunt

down the refs Myles was literally held every pass play

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1. Play-calling/offensive performance - We look so much more in sync and coordinated today than we have at any point this season. Freddie was a bit more creative in his play-calling and didn't stop giving Chubb the ball even though Baltimore kept him in check for the first half or so of the game. He was calling plays that put the players into a position to succeed and the players did their part and executed.

2. Chubb - Just a beast. Already one of the best RBs in the league. When we get Kareem Hunt... look out.

3. Baker - Wasn't flashy at all, but looked way more comfortable and like he had a command of the offense. Did a great job of taking what the defense was giving him. Hopefully today's performance will get him rolling.

4. OL - I've given them a ton of flack but they played really well today. Protected Baker and provided big lanes for Chubb to run through.

5. Defense - Once again, they played really well despite missing key starters. Baltimore got theirs on the ground, but that was to be expected. But they got after Lamar, got some turnovers, and didn't let Lamar beat them deep through the air. Another really good performance by Wilks and the defense.


1. Still too many penalties.

2. The fact that we let up on 'em so they could score that garbage time TD. 40-18 looks a lot better than 40-25 on the scoreboard.

Biggest upside is that we're a quarter through the season and are technically in first place in the division despite having obvious struggles during the first quarter of the season. If we can keep this groove offensively and even improve, while maintaining our play defensively, then we could be a really fun team to watch the rest of the way.

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