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BDL 2019 Week 5 - New Orleans Jazz @ Gotham Gashslayers


New Orleans Jazz @ Gotham Gashslayers  

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BDL 2019 Week 5

Match:   New Orleans Jazz @ Gotham Gashslayers

Away Owner: @WFLukic

Home Owner: @pheltzbahr

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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New Orleans Jazz


QB: Josh Allen
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
Slot WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Tyler Lockett
WR3: Sammy Watkins
TE: Zach Ertz
LT: Andrew Whitworth
LG: Joel Bitonio
C: Travis Frederick
RG: Kevin Zeitler
RT: Riley Reiff

RB2: Devin Singletary
RB3: Duke Johnson
WR4: Deebo Samuel
WR5: Paul Richardson
TE2: Nick Vannett
OL6: Bobby Massie
OL7: Jawaan Taylor
OL8: Connor McGovern


LDE: Calais Campbell
NT: Marcell Dareus
DT: Geno Atkins
RDE: Nick Bosa
SLB: Josh Allen
LB: Danny Trevathan
CB: Stephon Gilmore
CB: Chris Harris Jr.
Flex: Haha Clinton-Dix
SS: Micah Hyde
FS: Darnell Savage

DT3: Sheldon Richardson
DT4: Johnathan Hankins
DE3: Olivier Vernon
DE4: Chase Winovich
LB3: Alec Ogletree
S4: Tony Jefferson
CB3: Kyle Fuller
CB4: JC Jackson


Gotham Gashslayers

QB - Carson Wentz

RB - Josh Jacobs

WR - Jarvis Landry

WR- Devante Parker

TE - Eric Ebron

TE - Hayden Hurst

LT - Jake Matthews

LG - Andrus Peat

C - Maurkice Pouncey

RG - Shaq Mason

RT - Mitchell Schwartz


RB - Kerryon Johnson

RB - Matt Breida

WR - Deon Cain

WR - Geronimo Allison

TE - Kyle Rudolph

OL - Mike McGlinchey

OL - Michael Schofield


DE - JJ Watt

NT - Dontari Poe

DE/DT- Chris Jones

EDGE/SLB- Leonard Floyd

MLB - Benardrick McKinney

WLB - Zach Cunningham

CB - Xavier Rhodes

CB - Xavien Howard

SCB - Jourdan Lewis

S - Damarious Randall

S - Minkah Fitzpatrick


EDGE - Robert Quinn

LB - Zach Cunningham

LB - Anthony Hitchens

INT - PJ Hall

INT - Henry Anderson

S - Justin Simmons

CB - Josh Norman

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New Orleans


Unfortunately these offensive write ups are going to appear unimaginative, but the focus is going to be on establishing the run by getting the ball in Zeke’s hands behind our OL, having Allen run variations of the zone option, weaving in play action and getting the ball into our playmakers hands.

We plan to have Elliott run the ball between 20-25 times, with Allen having around 5 designed runs not including scrambles and a handful for Johnson or Singletary if healthy.

Gotham’s primary defensive coverage has been the Cover 2, which we feel well equipped to take advantage of. To do so, we’ve moved Thomas to the slot where he will be able to use his physicality and ability to create separation early. No matter who draws coverage on Thomas (if Gotham wants to press or go man), Allen will go after him often. This will also be the case with Ertz who will predominantly line-up in-line, but will shift out the slot opposite Thomas on occasion too.

Watkins and Lockett will be the outside receivers, and primarily look to go deep. We’re happy to play into Gotham’s Cover 2 in this sense as both should in theory draw double coverage of sorts deep. If either at any stage begins to get single coverage, Allen will have the green light to target either.

While we don’t often get Elliott involved extensively in the passing game, we plan to do so against the potential Cover 2 look. We intend to run a number of option plays in which Elliott will continue as a receiver in the flat and Allen will follow after him. This will create pressure on whoever is tasked with the underneath section of the zone, as they’ll have 3 potential threats in Allen as a runner, Elliott out of the backfield or either Thomas/Ertz over the middle to contend with.

Lastly, one observation we’ve made from last week is that Gotham has introduced Minkah as a spy. If Gotham wants to continue to roll with a lighter front 7, we’ll begin to sacrifice a WR and introduce heavier 6 OL sets in an attempt to keep the ball on the ground and take advantage of this.


Following the Derrick Henry trade, we expect Gotham to come out with a 2TE, 2WR and 1 RB look. We’ve adjusted accordingly and are going to come out with a modified 4-2-5 look, featuring 3 safeties and 2 CBs. While Gotham admittedly has a lacklustre group of weapons in the passing game, we aren’t going to underestimate them but we absolutely know that if we can shut down the run and force them to pass, we’ll have the chance to force turnovers and give our offense a chance to maintain TOP and keep the scoreboard ticking.  

Firstly, we’ve gone heavy on the defensive front. Dareus is in at NT, with Campbell at DE and Allen acting as SLB to give us extra force against the run. On top of this, we plan to rotate quite heavily with Hankins and Richardson coming on earlier/more obvious running downs. On passing downs,  Campbell will generally kick inside with either Vernon coming in place of Dareus or Allen shifting down, and Ogletree replacing him at LB as we play more conservative zone looks.

We have 2 separate coverages/packages to deal with Gotham’s offense, based on the package they put forward.

Base (2TE, 2WR, 1 RB) – Aggressive Cover 3 Press

As previously stated, we’re going to start with an 8 man in the box look. Harris and Gilmore will play press on Landry and Parker respectively, while Savage is the lone deeper safety in this look. Allen will play the strong side LB role, while Hyde is the MLB, Trevathan the WLB and Clinton-Dix on the weakside edge up nearer the LOS.

If it does end up being a pass, as stated, Gilmore and Harris will press while Hyde and Clinton-Dix will drop into the curl/flats, Trevathan will take the middle and Allen will either rush or drop with Trevathan depending on which side ends up being strong. If Campbell is the strong side DE, Allen will rush, whereas if Bosa is the strong side DE, Allen will drop.

Ebron/TE Split Wide/3 WR – 2 Man

If Gotham begins to split Ebron or Hurst out wide or bring in a 3rd WR, Gilmore will then begin to shadow them. This will see Allen slide to the defensive line, Campbell kick inside and Dareus come out for Fuller. Fuller will then shadow Parker, while Harris will continue to follow Landry.

Hyde and Savage will take the deeper section of half the field, while Trevathan will take the in-line TE and Clinton-Dix will follow Jacobs/Johnson out the backfield.


Gotham Gashslayers

OFFENSE - 2WR/2TE/RB (60 pass 40 run)

This we we come out in our 12 personnel grouping against a New Orleans defense that is strong on the line and backend, but not so strong in the second level.  With this grouping, we force a CB off the field and force a lesse LB or S to further weaken NOs talent on the field. We plan on attacking with a balanced offense that will keep their back 7 guessing and off balance. We will mix in 3 Wide sets with Allison, and 2 RB sets motioning out, looking for potential coverage mismatches.

Josh Jacobs gets the start, but he and Johnson will split snaps to keep them fresh.  We will run plenty of off tackle, avoiding the Jazz’ strong interior DL. When we do attack up the middle, we will run 1 cut plays and double Atkins to get to the second level.  With Cambell playing DT, we are going to focus on getting low on him and using his 6’8” frame against him, he operates better in space than in the muck of the interior.

In the passing game, we face a strong group of CBs and will look to reduce their advantage in a couple ways.  We will use RPO often, and mix that with double moves on the outside to keep New Orleans’ CBs from jumping routes.  We will also line up in bunches, with differing groups and iso’s on the opposite side of the field. If we can get a TE on a LB, Wentz will take advantage.  Generally we will attack up the seams as we feel they will be ignored if NO looks to take the run game out.


DEFENSE - 34 Hybrid Single High Nickel

The Jazz feature an offense with a multitude of talented weapons, but we feel we have the defenders to match up well.  Our general objective is to contain Zeke’s production and force Josh Allen to beat us with his arm.

Our front 4 is Elite against the run, but this week we face a challenge against an equally strong Zeke Elliiott behind an excellent O Line.  We will look to be gap disciplined aginst a team that will certainly look to get the run game going early. Benardrick McKinney will be keyed on Elliot to clean up and deliver big hits on Elliot, looking to make him drop his head at the LOS, rather than looking upfield to make a second cut.

We are going to play primarily man on the outside with zone sprinkled in to keep Allen honest in his reads.  Rhodes on Thomas, Howard on Lockett, with Lewis on Watkins. Minkah will play a Rover role, lining up all over the defense, with an eye to containing Zeke on ourlets and Randall plays single high centerfield, looking to take advantage of a subpar Allen testing us deep.  

On obvious passing downs, we bring in Quinn ro rush from the EDGE, kicking Watt inside and taking Poe off the field.  This group of 4 can create a ton pressure by itself, but we will also mix in blitzes from McKinney, Fitz and Lewis to force a quick decision from Allen and prevent him the time to utilize his best trait, throwing deep.


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Got jam should not be someone deep shots on double moves against no deep safeties but unfortunately their own corners are really struggling this year and despite Watkins being out, I think jizz score enough to win despite Allen's shortcomings as a passer

New Orleans 24-14



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The Jazz pull this one out by crushing the soul of their opponent with trumpets this week. The offensive firepower outclasses their opponent in a matchup of two very strong defenses. This is a slugfest until Zeke gets in the open field and runs wild in the 4th quarter

Jazz 21-10

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I've got to agree that New Orleans' fire power is going to be too much for Gotham here despite Josh Allen being the NO QB. This game is going to turn into a shootout and the defense between Wentz and Allen is I think less than New Orleans' weapons and Gotham's weapons.

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This is honestly going to be a low scoring game. Two great defenses. Two midtier QBs. I think NO has the better weapons sure, but I think Gothan can also shut then down. I just think it will come down to which RB can sustain and that's where I have to side with Zeke.

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