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Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings


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57 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

Looks like a Broncos crowd! Would love to see our fans turn up the noise this second half. DBs have to be licking their chops at the thought of Cousins getting more aggressive.

This could not have possibly been more wrong lmao. 18 play drive, you can live with. The two Diggs plays, you can't have. 

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9 minutes ago, iLikeDefense said:

I’m fine with the loss, we need a nice premium pick. I’m just glad to see a lot of the young guys continue to play well. We need to see lock in this offense ASAP.

I want to win the game - I want the Broncos to win every game - let the picks fall where they do.

A win here would be massive for the Broncos - players, coaches and culture.

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Several thoughts right now:

* What the HELL was that DPI challenge from Vic all about? Don't challenge ANY DPI, especially not on the final drive, trailing by one score ...
* Why didnt we run to the line and spike it after the Allen scramble? Lost 5 seconds messing around
* Nice push off by Fant, but it stopped him getting his hands up quick enough to catch it
* The Vikings DB got away with murder on the throw to Patrick. Still, Patrick has to make that play
* That hold call on Beck - LOL
* Soon as the gimmicks ended, this Offense was bad. I've talked all year about our Offense in the 2nd half. A sign of a lack of talent
* Courtland Sutton is a bonafide star
* Our DB depth was always going to get found out, and that happened today

Still, it was closer than I thought it would be

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20 hours ago, BroncoBruin said:

I would say everything happened because of Garrett's unnecessary takedown, but both escalated things from there until Garrett took it to the absolute extreme. 

Serious question. Have you ever been in a fight? If somebody grabs your head and tried to twist your neck, what is your natural reaction? Your natural reaction is to go right back at that person doing it. Which Garrett did when he ripped off Rudolphs helmet.

He took it too far by swinging the helmet at him thats obvious and shameful. But Rudolph put himself in that situation. He not only instigated the brawl, but then stoked the flames by rushing after Garrett.

Its like a small kid slaps a bully and then everyones is surprised when the bully knocks the kid out. Dont poke the bear and Rudolph poked the bear, twice----then was shocked when the bear hit back even if it was stupid as hell. 

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